BREAKING: Coast nursing home high alert after COVID case

Gold Coast nursing homes have been reported to be on the alert after a contractor refurbishing the facility was found to test positive for COVID-19.

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The· Breaking news On Monday night, a letter believed to have been written by the Tricare Mermaid Beach facility manager was forwarded.

In a letter to “Family and Representatives,” the Tricare manager wrote that the facility “received news that the refurbishment contractor on site today returned a positive COVID-19 test.” I will.

media_cameraTricare Nursing Home on the Gold Coast.

“The contractor left the scene shortly after being informed that he was in close contact with the confirmed case,” the letter said.

“The contractors were in direct contact with no resident during the two hours they were on site.

“All contractors left the site as needed until the test and quarantine period was negative.”

The letter states that the facility is cooperating “Health authorities” and the following instructions.

“Tricare Mermaid Beach is completely blocked by strict PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) requirements,” it says.

“The monitoring and oversight of all residents and staff will continue as a priority.”

The manager said daily updates would be provided and any changes would be announced.

It happens this morning after two more cases of COVID-19 are associated with a nurse who has treated a patient who has not been vaccinated and tested positive.

On Monday, the Queensland Government announced a shock lockdown after a case of COVID-19 infection was detected in the community.

Bulletin called Tricare Mermaid Beach and staff declined to comment.

Later, the facility manager was contacted, but she didn’t talk about the letter.

Queensland criticizes federal government for slow vaccine deployment

Health Minister Greg Hunt ran into Queensland’s criticism that the state’s nationwide vaccine deployment was slower than expected, saying it used only half of the jabs available. Dr. Chris Moy, vice president of the AMA, told Sky News that there are questions asked why many front-line workers in Queensland have not yet been vaccinated. “I think it’s a problem to deploy in Brisbane and first see that it happens with the first Group 1A frontline staff, especially those who are most likely to be exposed.” He said. “I think the concern was that one doctor who might have worked with a COVID-positive individual was not vaccinated.” Another concern is the ongoing level of personal protective equipment. “AMA was concerned about both of these aspects.”

Bulletin was referred to Tricare’s headquarters for comment.

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Initially published as follows Breaking News: Coastal Nursing Home Alertness After COVID Incident

Place of originBREAKING: Coast nursing home high alert after COVID case

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