Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: How their split turned so nasty

Former Hollywood couples are involved in one of the ugliest and most expensive divorces in celebrity history. Why didn’t it work so well?

The divorce between Hollywood icons Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will be the most annoying and most expensive to date.

The withdrawn fight that has been going on since 2016 saw a former couple exchanging thorns in a divorce court and spending millions of dollars on them.

Jolly (46) and Pitt (57) started dating in 2005, tied a knot in 2014, and split suddenly two years later in 2016.

Their divorce ended in 2019, but custody and financial assets are still in dispute.

Just this week, Pitt accused Jolly of being “convincing” in a new proceeding claiming he was working to separate him from a deal to sell her stake in France’s $ 226 million in assets.

Shock split

More than 10 years together, two years after getting married, Jolly and Pitt split in 2016, and the separation seems to have happened out of nowhere.

The actress quoted the “irreconcilable difference” in the divorce notice and demanded the sole custody of the six children.

Since then, their division has been engulfed in suffering, and the pair are now honking in a nasty custody battle over five of their six children. Pax, 17 years old, Zahara, 16 years old, Shiloh, 15 years old, twins Vivienne and Knox, 13 years old. Son Maddox is now 20 years old.

Human rights advocates have been fighting Pitt in court since they split in September 2016.

Private jet case

At the time of the divorce, an actress official said, “This decision was made for the health of the family.”

It soon became clear that the couple’s private jet incident led to an investigation into child abuse in the pits.

at that time, Troy The actor was drinking and started fighting Jolly. Their son Maddox intervened to stop it and entered into a quarrel with Brad.

In November 2016, the pit was approved by the LA County Children’s and Family Services Department.

The conclusion reached was that “there was no inappropriate physical contact” between them.

Later that month, a temporary custody arrangement was implemented and the duo volunteered for individual counseling. Pitt also agreed to be tested for drugs and alcohol, but he didn’t have to.

In December 2016, the judge approved Angelina’s sole custody and custody contract granting Pitt “agree to a therapeutic visit with the children.”

In July 2020, it was reported that Pitt and Maddox were not yet in contact with each other.

“The relationship doesn’t exist yet,” said a source at the time.

In March of this year, Maddox testified in court to his father in a child custody case.Sources said We weekly It was “not very flattering to Brad.”

Very public divorce

In December 2016, the request for an emergency hearing pit to seal all documents related to his custody case was denied.

Sources at the time said ET That Fight club The actor filed a motion to seal the document, “because I want to keep this custody dispute out of the public eye to protect my children.”

Another source of Jolly said ET The actress wasn’t trying to make Brad look bad.

Angelina’s team is not against sealing the document, “said a source at the time.

“There are many reports that Angelina wants to publish these documents to make Brad look bad. That’s wrong. As the documents state, their custody agreement was already legally binding.

“The only reason to formally submit it to court was to enforce the agreement because one of the parties was trying to change it, and that was happening.

“Blood was trying to schedule himself with the kids,” sources further insisted. “He didn’t rely on the advice of medical professionals [as to] What should I do. It had to be strengthened in court to keep everything in line with the custody agreement. Therefore, it forced Angelina to submit it to court. “

Relations appeared to have improved in January 2017 when they shared their first joint statement on the proceedings and agreed to keep court documents private.

“The parties and their attorneys have children and their families by keeping all court documents confidential, making the necessary legal decisions, and hiring private judges to facilitate the prompt resolution of the remaining issues. We have signed an agreement to protect our privacy rights, “said the statement. read.

“Parents promise to act as a united front to achieve recovery and reunification.”

Child support discrepancies

Then, in August 2018, Pitt was accused by Jolly of not paying “meaningful” child support for a year and a half.

According to court filings, Jolly was planning to obtain a court order requiring him to pay it.

Pitt’s lawyer denied he had paid significant child support and claimed to have paid Jolly more than $ 12.45 million since the September 2016 split.

“No petitioner’s request is required, it’s a thinly obscured effort to omit important information and manipulate media coverage,” Pitt’s response read.

In addition, his lawyer said Jolly’s allegations in court documents that the actor did not pay enough child support were “calculated to increase conflict.”

Around the same time, Jolly confirmed the divorce of the actor and asked the judge to make her a single woman again.

Friendly agreement

Around the second anniversary of their division, sources revealed that Jolly and Pitt were working on their co-parenting relationship.

“Blood and Angelina actually held a secret meeting at her house,” sources said. ET.. “It’s the first time they’ve really come together to make things work since group therapy with children. The meeting between Brad and Angie was a success. They’re going to stay in court.”

“Angelina decided it was time to get things working, and Brad was relieved and ready for the offer,” said a source. “Blood has been devoted to building peace throughout the process, but now they are able to create a more peaceful situation for their children.”

Custody dispute

The couple officially divorced in 2019, but the custody battle is still ongoing as Pitt demanded more time with the children.

In May, Pitt was given joint custody of the couple’s children. This is a move that Jolly vowed to challenge.

NS salt The actress claimed that her three children wanted to testify to Pitt, but was prevented by Judge John Orderkirk.

Sources said We weekly: “Angelina finds it very important to hear the children’s feelings about who they essentially want to spend with.

“She does not force her children to testify. She was advised by a child therapist. She wants her children to be able to testify with a fair and impartial judge. increase.”

Judge Ouderkirk was the first private judge to agree to keep the divorce details sealed.

He reportedly held their wedding in 2014.

A few weeks later, the California Court of Appeals disqualified Judge Orderkirk for not fully disclosing the issue regarding Pitt’s lawyer.

The lower court reportedly ruled in favor of Jolly, dismissed Judge Orderkirk, and withdrew his decision from the custody proceedings.

Pitt’s lawyer claimed that Judge Orderkirk’s mistakes were minor and not worth withdrawing from his custody ruling.

The lawyer claimed that the actress was looking for a reason to exclude the judge from the case.

A statement from Pitt’s lawyer said: Legal proceedings by multiple witnesses and experts. “

“The best for kids”

In July, the court ruled that: Be fair. According to the Associated Press, disqualification is required.

Pit spokesman said Sun According to the court’s decision, he said: “The Court of Appeals’ decision was based on technical procedural issues. The facts have not changed.

“There is so much factual evidence that many experts who testified as judges have led to clear conclusions about what is best for the best interests of children. We will continue to do what is legally necessary, based on detailed research on what is best for our children. “

Angie opens about trauma

In an emotional interview in Britain Guardian Last month Jolly said Her traumatic experience I left her “broken”.

She told the publication that she had been hurt for more than five years since she split up with Pitt, saying:

“There are many things I can’t say.”

She added: “After all, I think only you and the few people you love know the truth of your life, what you fight, what you sacrifice, or what you suffer. , No matter what is happening around you, you will be at peace with it. “

Formerly known as Bringerina, the famous Exe has already spent millions of people in the famous custody battle.

Chateau Miraval

In a proceeding released this week, Pitt Maleficent A “systematic obstruction” actress allegedly worked to separate the pits from the deal to sell her share of their property in France.

Since this pair was married in 2014, they have a 50-50 share of the mansions and vineyards that had a special meaning to them.

The $ 226 million real estate is reportedly owned by Quimicum, which is partly owned by Pitt through his company Mondo Bongo and Jolie through her company Nouvel. doing.

The proceedings allege that Jolly has invested “an incredible amount of work, time, and money” but is trying to sell shares without recognizing “first refusal and right to profit” in the pits. Did.

The document states: “For the past four years, Nouvel has not acted in the best interests of Quimicum by systematically delaying the approval of annual accounting and the renewal of managers.

“I understand the true purpose of Nouvel and its shareholders behind this systematic obstruction. [Jolie] Selling shares in Chateau Miraval SA in a way that circumvents Mondo Bongo’s first veto.

“As a result, the investment in Mondo Bongo increased capital gains and Nouvelle did not contribute.”

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