Boho Chic Clothing to Make You Sizzle!

Boho chic clothing consists of loose, floating clothing featuring mixed prints, tustle and fringes. The boho chic is a bit more organized and a little more styling than the hippie or gypsy look.

What is Boho-chic clothing?

Boho-chic is a fashion style inspired by bohemians and hippies.


Do you remember the hippie days? I think you do. Carefree hair tufts, daisy prints, long flowing skirts, leather sandals, leather bags, and, of course, a carefree and rebellious approach to putting together a look.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t do much hippies these days, but I like to wear Boho-chic and bohemian clothes that incorporate elements of the hippie fashion code.

Boho fashion essentials

Boho fashion is made up of …

  • Loose silhouette,
  • beads
  • Fringe and tustle
  • Peasant style blouse
  • Romantic maxi dress
  • Leather ankle boots
  • Silk, suede and fur decoration
  • Embroidery jacket
  • Wide-brimmed hat
  • Ethnic pattern
  • Floral
  • Flared jeans
  • Midi dress – often a side tie.

How to dress up a boho style

Boho dressings and boho chic clothes gained momentum with the advent of hippie-style dressings in the 1960s. It was dissident and the exact opposite of the conservative style of clothing of the 1950s. Perfect for a nomadic lifestyle with a bohemian spirit and gypsy-style accents.

The dictionary says:Bohemian: “Socially unconventional people, especially artists and writers.” Oxford English Dictionary. Abbreviation: Live freewheeling.“”

The boho look is a bit unconventional, a little vintage and can be combined with a gay abandonment from the wardrobe.

Consider Glastonbury Festival, Kate Moss, Marianne Faithfull, Sienna Miller.

10 Boho style tips

  1. Keep things feminine and chic by mixing oversized garments with tailored or fitted garments.
  2. If you want to survive the heat (and hide from the sun), wear a hat-covered, bohemian style of clothing, such as a kaftan or loose trousers.
  3. Boho colors are usually taupe, green, charred Siena, cream, khaki, beige, golden and byzantium, rich, warm and rustic, but I also like to add a little color.
  4. If you’re not careful, boho people can be translated into street beggars and hippies. So mix the elements of your own style, keep it chic and don’t over-access.
  5. Natural fibers and leather are perfect for a pure boho style.
  6. Don’t be afraid to mix the prints.
  7. Add a stylish headband or wide-brimmed hat.
  8. Birkenstock sandals A must-have item for bohemianism. They fit everything, are very comfortable and get better with age.
  9. Layers, layers, layers for the best bohemian look.
  10. Flowing Palazzo pants make flared jeans a very comfortable and stylish option.Check out the nice style of wide legs Drifting pants Or these Amazon Palazzo Pants..

Romantic bohemian style dress

Bohemian chic dresses and bohemian style dresses are almost the same. They often have a romantic look, with flowers and ethnic designs. It can be short-sleeved or long-sleeved and is suitable for summer and winter. Use in combination with strapped sandals or ankle boots, coats or cardigans.

Click the image for the price.

My favorite boho dress for women

I love drifting Clothes and I bought many of their dresses that I dress up or dress down on occasion. Many of their styles are considered bohemian and bohemian.

  • I love Adrift for its amazing seasonal prints and styles.
  • I love the fabrics they use and the designs they choose.
  • I love the fact that most dresses are made to fit any shape or shape.
  • I love them being stylish and tolerant and not hugging their tummy or hips.
  • I love to meet young and old women.

10% off your first order!

Affordable boho clothes

Living boho doesn’t necessarily mean it’s expensive, but you can make it as high as you like!For really affordable Boho-chic clothes, you can’t go beyond this Tribal midi dress Or this Lace party dress And this choice Bohemian style tops. You can also find beloved boho clothes at charity shops and online.

Boho Capsule Wardrobe – What You Need

If you want to keep your choice of bohemian style clothing in your wardrobe, but want to minimize it, choose it. For a selection that matches well with the mix, the next boho capsule wardrobe is very simple and feasible.

  • 1 romantic maxi dress
  • One side tie midi skirt
  • 1 flared jeans
  • 1 piece of Palazzo pants
  • 3 smock style tops
  • Wide-brimmed hat
  • head band
  • Leather ankle boots
  • Calf length overcoat
  • Tassle or embroidery jacket

Boho wedding dress

My daughter wanted to buy a boho style wedding dress. She wanted something suitable for a forest wedding. Something a little magical and capricious suggests forest fairies and magic! Below is a kind of boho wedding dress we were looking at.

Click on the image for supplier and price.

Boho style shoes

To complete the look, you’ll need some boho-style shoes.

Think of leather – ankle boots or cowgirl boots – give it a try FRANKiE4 For a stylish and comfortable design by a renowned podiatrist. FRANKiE4 is an innovative fashion label that will change the women’s shoe experience. Our mission is to take wellness to the next level with support designed by an award-winning podiatrist for game-changing comfort at every subtly cushioned step. Low heel ankle boots are highly recommended for everyday comfort.

Then there is Birkenstock – The most comfortable sandals reminiscent of the image of the Woodstock Music Festival!

Bohemian handbag

Whatever is characteristic of suede or leather, it gives you a bohemian edge.

Travel & Living Collection Below you have a great range of boho bags like the beauty of this lilac suede. Check the website as inventory is constantly changing.

Purple suede boho style handbag

Boho tops

Make your tops loose and flowing for a boho look. Tustle and embroidery are accents to consider, and you can choose a plain, floral, ethnic, or romantic design to match your flared jeans or midi dress.

Click the image for the price.

Boho weekend chic

I love this “weekend” look.

The addition of a soft, flowing, comfortable and beautiful jacket makes it a great outing for lunch.

Boho style clothing ideas

Video: Boho chic dressing

Thanks for the video Fashion & Style Edit and the bohemian style essentials and outfit ideas.

What should i wear today? Oh boho!

Today I decided to go where the music took me, and instead of the look tailored for the blog workshop, I went a bit strange. I delved into my dress-up box tricks and mixed some boho looks from the wardrobe archives.

Floral maxi dress, hanging earrings, velveteen scarf, flowing cardi.

Boho clothing ideas

11 wardrobe essentials for a boho look

Living boho is easy to combine. First, consider kaftan, romantic maxi, smock tops, and some weird pop.

  • Smock tops
  • Floral pants
  • Long hippie skirt
  • Waistcoat
  • From a charity shop
  • hat
  • accessories
  • scarf
  • Thick cardigan
  • Vintage mixes with cut-off jeans and high heels, or easy-to-wear flip-flops.
  • A bracelet from your trip, a bracelet of friendship.
What to wear today
Left: Dress and satin shiny blouse W. Lane *. Genuine leather bag. Bali beads. The green details are from a sequined scarf that matches the outfit, and on the right is the Accessorize – Pic: PR Shots Cherry Blossom Silk Digital Square Scarf.

Immerse yourself in the wonderful book “Who do you want to be today?” By Triny and Susanna. This British style duo offers some great ideas on how to dress differently. They say that the boho look isn’t about a particular item, but about how to combine everything.

Their advice is as follows: Layering – Wear a shirt under your waistcoat or a long sleeveless cardi to mix small floral patterns with bright colors and pastel. Think about bold jewelery and crochet items that your grandmother might have knocked together.

“It’s a great floral tea dress on the market, but the two sizes are too big. So what? A wide funky belt pulls it all the way to your waist.”

Buy their books: Who do you want to be today by Triny & Susanna on Amazon

Live freewheeling for tea time

The gorgeous floral pants of the monsoon below, combined with the beautiful floated white kaftan-style tops and tustle, make for a great high tea outfit. Or what about the following M & S tea dresses? Both are a little retro, a little bohemian and very boho chic.

Boho chic idea
Photo PR shot

Boho make-up

I think it’s best to keep it light. I’m going to buy BB cream and light dust from Bronzer-after all, you want to look like you’re all tanned and naturally descending from a rock star yacht!

  • Light foundation or BB cream
  • Bronzer
  • A small rosy blush on the apple on the cheek.
  • Neutral lipstick to make your lips look plump
  • Dim powder shadow
  • A pile of mascara.

My favorite freewheeling purchaser

You probably like it too

Boho chic fashion bag

Boho weekend style

Bohemian Rhapsody

Boho chic clothing ideas

I want to know if you have a boho look? If so, why not send me a photo and some words about your clothes?

Until next time,


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