Black Lives Matter: Former Neighbours actor Meyne Wyatt addresses crowds at protest

The former Neighbors star enthusiastically spoke to a large number of people, saying he was tired of having to talk about racism.

Former Neighbor star Meyne Wyatt spoke to a large crowd in protests demanding justice from Aboriginal people who died in custody.

National Foundation Day is a few days before April 15. It marks the 30th anniversary of the Royal Commission’s delivery of more than 330 recommendations to Aboriginal detention deaths.

“Recommendations after the recommendations have been completely ignored,” Wyatt said on Saturday afternoon in a large crowd outside the city hall in Sydney.

“Are you tired of hearing about racism? I’m tired of talking about it,” he exclaimed.

It happens when a longtime Thorpe Neighbors actor files a racist allegation on the iconic Australian show set.

Aboriginal actor Sharina Clanton was the first actor to make a detailed racist claim in the series earlier this week.

The production company Fremantle issued a statement in response to this claim.

“Neighbors strives to be a platform for on-screen and off-screen diversity and unity. Our quest is to continue to grow and develop in this area, which is evolving. We recognize that it is a process, “said a spokesman.

Thousands gathered at meeting places in Alice Springs, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne on Saturday afternoon.

About 1000 people heard the speech at the Houses of Parliament on Spring Street in Melbourne. There, Senator Lydia Thorpe of the Federal Green Party addressed the crowd.

“You say justice, we say murder,” she chanted to the crowd, and then they marched through the streets to Flinders Street Station.

The Aboriginal flag, half-masted in memory of Prince Philip at the Parliament Building in Melbourne, has been criticized by large numbers of people and social media.

“Aboriginal flags are being raised half-mast for Prince Philip while Aboriginal and Torres islanders and allies are rallying to end the death of a black man in custody,” said one Twitter user.

Saturday’s national protest followed the deaths of five Aboriginal people detained since March this year.

The Australians also passed a street in memory of Aboriginal lives lost during police detention, led by Wurundjeri leaders in protest.

The land’s traditional caretakers have also expressed solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States and the family of George Floyd, who suffocated on the streets of Minneapolis under the knees of police officers.

Black Lives Matter: Former Neighbours actor Meyne Wyatt addresses crowds at protest Source link Black Lives Matter: Former Neighbours actor Meyne Wyatt addresses crowds at protest

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