Bitcoin Surges Past $50,000 For First Time

Bitcoin soared above $ 50,000 for the first time on Tuesday as the number of big names in the world’s most popular cryptocurrency enthusiasts increased.

Around 1235 GMT, Bitcoin reached a record high of $ 50,547.70, a 4.4% increase since Monday.

Once a protected area for internet geeks and enthusiasts, Bitcoin has since exploded in popularity and has so far surged in value by nearly 75% this year.

“The King of Cryptocurrencies has surpassed the 50,000 price level for the first time because of the ubiquitous financial institutions,” said Naeem Aslam, an analyst at AvaTrade.

“There is a lot of FOMO among traders due to soaring prices and limited supply.”

It then recovered at $ 49,080.30 around 1345 Greenwich Mean Time.

“There is still a lot of power left in the rally, and the move will continue towards the actual goal of $ 100,000,” Aslam told AFP.

“Of course, there are some bumps, but investors should consider them as an opportunity to bag some bargains.”

Bitcoin has skyrocketed since reaching $ 5,000 in March, inspired by online payment giant PayPal, which allows account holders to use cryptocurrencies.

The unit exploded last week in excess of $ 45,000 after Elon Musk’s electric car maker Tesla invested $ 1.5 billion in a virtual unit.

Bitcoin’s value has increased tenfold in less than a year

To further boost, Tesla has also announced plans to accept cryptocurrencies from customers who buy its vehicles.

Later, Wall Street player BNY Mellon announced plans to embrace digital currencies, riding the tide of Bitcoin.

This move happened after Mastercard also announced that it would accept the unit, even though many regulators remained skeptical.

Adding more legitimacy, Twitter chief Jack Dorsey revealed last week that he and rap tycoon Jay-Z created a fund aimed at turning Bitcoin into an “Internet currency.” I made it.

Bitcoin, launched in 2009, became a headline in 2017 after soaring from less than $ 1,000 in January to nearly $ 20,000 in December of the same year.

After that, the virtual bubble burst in the next few days, and the value of Bitcoin fluctuated sharply, falling below $ 5,000 by October 2018.

However, the outlook has changed dramatically with increased corporate support, commentators say.

“This is a very different market than in 2017, as companies’ support for cryptocurrencies is expanding,” said Neil Wilson, an analyst at

Bitcoin is traded through a decentralized registry system called blockchain.

The system requires a great deal of computer processing power to manage and implement transactions.

That power is provided by miners who do so in the hope of receiving new Bitcoin to validate their transaction data.

Bitcoin Surges Past $50,000 For First Time Source link Bitcoin Surges Past $50,000 For First Time

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