Biosecurity Act’s ‘constitutionality’ under question

According to citizenship expert Kim Rubenstein, there is a “question mark” about the “constitutionality” of biosecurity law and whether the legal requirements for this particular Indian “travel ban” are met. .. Biosecurity Act was enacted for India’s escalating COVID-19 situation, which allows the government to impose a $ 66,000 fine and five years’ imprisonment for breaking travel bans. “There are two issues with this travel ban, one is constitutionality and there is a serious question as to whether it is constitutional,” she told Sky News. “We do not have a clear citizenship in the Constitution, but we do not have a Bill of Rights, but individuals as citizens have the right to return to their country under international law and as a basic rule of the rule of law. “There are also questions related to the biosecurity law in which this decision was made and the biosecurity law with a question mark about its constitutionality.” But more specifically, the minister decided. There are clear requirements in the actual section provided to make … There is a question mark as to whether they are met due to this particular travel ban. ”

Place of originBiosecurity Act’s ‘constitutionality’ under question

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