Bill Gates address bizarre conspiracy theories in new Australian interview

Billionaire Bill Gates provided an ominous view of the future far worse than what the world saw during the coronavirus pandemic.

Bill Gates, the founder of billionaire Microsoft, provided an ominous view of the future far worse than the world saw during the coronavirus pandemic.

About ABC 7 .30 Along with Lee Sales on Tuesday night, the business tycoon, who described Sales as one of the “most powerful drivers of action” on global warming, discussed conspiracy theory and climate change.

Gates has been at the center of strange theories in recent months, including the claims he uses. COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection) (# If there is no character limit, add parentheses when it first appears A vaccine that microchips the world’s population in collaboration with Anthony Fauci, a top US infectious disease doctor.

The founder of Microsoft previously said he was shocked at the next level “Crazy” and “evil” plots..

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In a recent Australian interview, Gates said that the dissemination of such a theory about vaccines was “tragic when it prevented people from wearing masks and was willing to take them when the vaccine became available. That’s it. “

The Gates Foundation is WHO’s second largest financial supporter after the United States. The organization has also promised approximately $ 250 million for research and testing related to COVID-19.

He said, “There are some extremes that can draw a line about anti-vaccine and Holocaust denial, but how to draw that line and who is in charge of it … I suggest a solution. Not … I haven’t seen a good solution yet. “

Philanthropists dealt with false information online last October The Wall Street Journal People were attracted to the thrill of conspiracy and it was more difficult to spread the facts.

“There are certainly human weaknesses in very exciting things, such as someone making this virus or having a conspiracy, which can spread very quickly,” he said. ..

Gates Ominous Prediction

Sproking his new book, How to avoid climate disastersGates, who warned five years ago that the world’s biggest threat is a pandemic, said humanity is facing the biggest challenge ever.

He said achieving zero emissions is “the most difficult thing mankind has ever done” and demands a complete end all over the world.

“51 billion tons is the tonnage of CO2 we release into the atmosphere each year, and if we want to stop the temperature rise, we need to reduce it to zero,” said the software developer. Stated.

“And with so many sources, that would be very difficult.”

He said the physical economy (cement, steel, transportation, agriculture) must change by focusing on innovation and the right policies.

He warned without doing so, the world is facing a “non-living” environment with “millions of migrants and five times the mortality rate of this pandemic peak each year.”

Only in that way, “on a global basis, we can accomplish one of the most difficult tasks humanity has ever been asked to perform.”

Gates gave a Ted Talk in 2015, warning that he was “not ready for the next epidemic,” but hoped that he could “build a really good response system” in preparation.

His proposal included the establishment of a Medical Reserve Corps paired with the military and a “reproductive game” similar to a military war game that could be used to run simulations.

“But between 2015 and 2020, less than five percent of what should have happened,” Gates said.

For over 20 years, Gates has used his personal property to support the global fight against various infectious diseases and has donated tens of billions of dollars in philanthropy.

-When Lombritzer

Bill Gates address bizarre conspiracy theories in new Australian interview Source link Bill Gates address bizarre conspiracy theories in new Australian interview

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