Biles Withdraws From Competition, Team USA Takes Silver

The US women’s gymnastics team was devastated when superstar Simone Biles withdrew from the team finals on Tuesday. It was announced that Biles had landed on the vault, then left the stadium with the trainer and soon withdrew from the event.

“Simone withdrew from the team’s final due to medical problems,” said USA Gymnastics. statement.. “She is evaluated daily to determine medical clearance for future competitions.”

At first there was confusion as to why Biles could no longer compete. Biles was first reported to be undamaged, and according to NBC commentators, Biles coaches said gymnasts were tackling “mental problems.”

But Biles had her Wrapped legs The 24-year-old child seems to have had a leg injury when she returned to support the team. It is not yet known if Biles will be able to return to action at this year’s tournament.

Biles is arguably the best gymnast in American history. She won five medals at the 2016 Rio Olympics, including four gold medals.

Biles got off to a relatively late start in Tokyo, scoring lower than expected in Sunday’s qualifying. The Olympic athlete admitted that she felt the pressure of expectations placed on her.

“”[I]It was neither an easy day nor the best, but I got over it. Sometimes I feel like I’m carrying the weight of the world. ” Said on Instagram..

“I know I’ll get rid of it and make the pressure look like it doesn’t affect me, but sometimes it’s difficult hahaha! The Olympics aren’t a joke!”

Without Biles, the United States won a silver medal at a team event on Tuesday. The Russian Olympic Committee team won the gold medal, ending the bid for Team USA’s third straight victory at this event.

Biles’ injuries were not the only obstacles placed in front of Team USA. Women are forced to compete without spectators, and some believe that empty venues may have had a negative impact on the team’s performance.

“They feel a little lost because there aren’t any spectators out there to feed the adrenaline,” said three-time Olympic athlete Dominique Doze. CNBC After the United States finished second in Sunday qualifying. “I couldn’t imagine that the audience didn’t say” Go USA! “At any of my three Olympics. Or, at least, it has to be tough, as it only supplies their energy. “

Team USA needs to get used to competing without fans participating. Audiences are banned throughout the Tokyo Olympics due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in Japan.

Photo: AFP / Loic VENANCE

Biles Withdraws From Competition, Team USA Takes Silver Source link Biles Withdraws From Competition, Team USA Takes Silver

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