Big Brother VIP: Omarosa Manigault Newman to join Caitlyn Jenner on show

Donald Trump’s key advisors are reported to be on the Big Brother VIP. And Seven is said to be paying a lot of money to her and Caitlyn Jenner.

Donald Trump Omarosa Manigault Newman’s reality star, writer and former adviser are the latest controversial figures suggested to compete in the Big Brother VIP.

Prominent US outlets people Omarosa, who started competing in her first season, apprentice Back in 2004, enlisted by Seven to participate in a new celebrity-based competition older brother Series – And $ 450,000 will be paid for her efforts.

Omarosa was hired as an assistant to then-President Donald Trump, but in 2017 she left the White House to blame the Trump administration. unstable.

people Caitlyn Jenner is also said to be already in widespread competition, paid $ 500,000 and reports that the pair are the two highest-paying people of the season.

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people The insider said: “Omarosa and Caitlin are expected to face each other directly, especially on the issue of LGBTQ +.”

Seven hasn’t confirmed or denied any of the celebrities who are still rumored to be competing Big Brother VIP, A photo showing Jenner has appeared Watch Hotel Quarantine for 2 Weeks in Sydney, When Big Brother VIP Taken at the Olympic Park.

Each new person turned over for this season older brother Before she started filming, she faced a dispute that one “celebrity” had been deported from our beach.

Jenner’s arrival in Australia Labeled “slap face” A group of representatives of Australians stuck abroad was angry that so many Australians were able to jump into a television show while still trying to get home.

Many also questioned how Jenner would travel to Sydney for weeks while Jenner was currently campaigning to become Governor of California.

“I’m honored to have made a commitment to the work I did before deciding to run for governor. There are no pauses in this race to save California!” Said the Republican candidate.

However, the upset about Jenner’s arrival was nothing compared to the scandal that occurred over the arrival of British commentator Katie Hopkins in the country.

The far right person who made her start in the UK version apprentice, When she ignited a controversial fire storm Boasts of violating the hotel’s strict quarantine rules It can expose quarantine workers to infection.She quickly Deported from the country“We strongly condemn her irresponsible and reckless comments in the hotel quarantine,” Seven said.

Seven has remained largely tight for everything so far Big Brother VIP Speculation – But when the report came to light, we issued a statement to news.com.au. Thomas Jr., brother of Megan Markle, will also join the cast.

“We have not commented on speculation about the cast of Big Brother VIP.. Everything was soon revealed and Big Brother is looking forward to seeing a new collection of housemates, “said a Seven spokesman.

“Most of the speculation was wrong, but it should be noted that Seven guarantees that the arrival of international artists in Australia will not affect or prevent Australians from returning abroad. It is important.”

“All international artists associated with Seven are on the outside of the flight cap upon international arrival and are in an arrangement that is tax exempt by the government to come here. All artists are of the government. We also take quarantine measures in accordance with the law.

“Like the emergence of world-class international actors who are now supporting the Australian film industry, these artists are contributing to the production of top-notch television productions, often during difficult times for the creative and production departments. Creating jobs for people in the world. “

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Big Brother VIP: Omarosa Manigault Newman to join Caitlyn Jenner on show Source link Big Brother VIP: Omarosa Manigault Newman to join Caitlyn Jenner on show

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