‘Big Brother’ Second Double Eviction Predictions Based On HOH Win

After experiencing double eviction last week, the cast of “Big Brother” Season 23 will be surprised on Thursday, when the CBS show will host its second Surprise Double Elimination episode.

So who will go home next? It all depends on who wins the head of household competition.

After the first removal, it Expected to see Tiffany head for the jury, Xavier, Derek F., Azah, and Hannah / Tiffany fight to become the next HOH. Kailand is forced to participate in the competition as an active HOH.

If one of the two competing men wins, they may target the woman who remains at home. That is, they are nominated for Aza and Hannah / Tiffany.As pointed out by Big Brother Network, Male housewives want to be the last three in the “Gentleman’s Battle”.

When it comes to who they vote for, Xavier revealed on Monday that he thinks Hannah should be next to Tiffany because it is a competitive threat. Tiffany’s pitch, which stays in the game, also seems to have drawn a big target on Hannah’s back.

If Aza should win, she might bid for the rest of the male housewives. Derek F shared in a live feed that he told Aza that he couldn’t nominate Kailand and he had to nominate himself and Hannah to win HOH.Then again, bruises Talked to the camera She wants Tiffany to stay this week, so anything about her picks is possible.

When it comes to who to chase if Hannah wins, she reveals that Xavier and Kailand are the biggest threat to the game. While talking to Derek F. on Tuesday She shared her plan In support of targeting a male duo, he is willing to put him on the block with Aza. Kailand appears to be her biggest target after refusing to take any of her deals during HOH’s reign.

If Tiffany stayed in the game, she also announced her nomination plan. On Tuesday, she told Aza that if both she and Xavier kept her, she would “borrow.” She also mentioned not chasing Derek F. This means that Kailand will also be her target.

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In Wednesday’s “Big Brother” episode, you’ll see Tiffany and Hannah competing for Beto’s power.Find out who will win here!

Catch the second double eviction episode of “Big Brother” 23 on CBS at 8pm EST on Thursday.

‘Big Brother’ Second Double Eviction Predictions Based On HOH Win Source link ‘Big Brother’ Second Double Eviction Predictions Based On HOH Win

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