Beware the tides of March

Good morning, early bird. Thousands are expected to march in state and federal parliamentary homes today following numerous government assault and harassment allegations. Scott Morrison Recorded the worst news pole results since the 2019 Black Summer Wildfire.That’s the news you need to know Chris Woods..

Women’s Solidarity March, Sydney, 2017 (Image: AAP / Dan Himbrechts)

The strongest marching order

Note: This story describes sexual assault.

Thousands are expected to march in state and federal parliamentary homes today following numerous government assault and harassment allegations. New Daily Report it Scott Morrison I have agreed to meet with the organizer’s private delegation in Canberra. The government and opposition have agreed not to call a split vote to allow politicians to participate in March4Justice itself.

The rally will also be held today Dozens of regions, on the other hand Guardian Australia Yesterday, 5,000 protesters, mostly women, reported attending a Perth rally.

Event organizer Dr. Kate Ahmad Is explained in Cricky Last week, March4Justice was partly based on a “dehumanization” response to allegations against politicians, and protesters went to parliament. Petition There are demands such as the Federal Gender Equality Act and increased accountability to parliamentarians and judges. Gender discrimination law.

So On the eve of today’s march, female worker staff reportedly aired allegations of sexual assault and harassment in a private Facebook group, saying they “no longer keep secrets.”Separately, New South Wales Police Commissioner Mick Fuller Also late last week Evaluate if it is a new material Regarding rape allegations denied by Christian porter — In other words, a friend of the alleged victim Go forward on friday — Enough to resume the case.

Cricky will livestream the Canberra event from AEDT at 12:00 pm via Facebook Live. To watch Our Facebook page You will receive a notification when it is published.

1800 respect: 1800 737 732; life line: 13 1114.

Workers take the position of news pole

Scott Morrison Left the worst record News pole ($) The result since the 2019 Black Summer wildfire, Labor leads 52-48 in bipartisan preferences, with government criticism of the government’s response to alleged rape in the Capitol. Christian porter..

Liberal and state leaders are also working bloody in Western Australia, with Labor expected to win at least 52 of the 59 legislative seats. ABC report That WA Nationals Leader Mia Davis While considering a coalition partnership with the state Liberal Party Australian ($) Morrison’s senior ministers have reported potential defense, resource, and economic announcements to launch a “political blitzkrieg” in a fierce battle state.

But to remind us of the difficulty of opposition to persuasion taking root through a pandemic. Sydney Morning Herald A poll by Labor Party internal pollster Redbridge reports that it has put New South Wales primaries at their lowest levels in almost 120 years, suggesting state leaders. Jody McKay Standing to lose her own seat.

Case handling

Finally, ABC Health officials in New South Wales report investigating the cause of the positive COVID-19 results by hotel quarantine guards. While NSW Health identifies One high risk exposure site — Saturday, March 13th, 10:45 am to 12:00 pm Beverly Hills Pancakes on the Rocks, Beverly Hills — and other candidates for the last five days on the Bexley North, Haymarket, Hurstville, and Central Hurstville train routes. Earth.

News will come later Three close contacts Brisbane’s doctor’s test was negative, Three high-risk locations Identified on Thursday, March 11: West End Morning After Cafe (2-3.15pm), Greenslopes Corporate Box Gym (5: 45-7pm), Stones Corner Hotel (6.30-7.45pm).

Did they really say that?

No, I have meetings all day long.

Michael McCormack

Deputy Prime Minister Just too busy In his role as a civil servant meeting one of the thousands of Australians marching today against gender-based violence.

“I remember what Christian Porter said”: An important friend breaks his silence

“Best friend Kate, The accused woman Christian porter Rape spoke publicly for the first time, saying he had an independent investigation into the suitability of Porter to hold the role of Attorney General and information about Kate’s allegations that he wanted to share.

“”James Hook I first met Kate months after the incident at the National Debate in mid-1988. The pair became romantically involved about a year later and remained friends throughout Kate’s life. “

Kate was bright, wonderful and interesting.She should not be defined on suspicion of rape

“Most of Kate’s coverage is Cricky Called before Jane Doe And its name was revealed four corners This week we’re focusing on her allegations of rape against the Attorney General Christian porter — A claim that Porter violently denied.

“But Kate was more than her claim and trauma. She was a scholar, an artist, a debater, and a compassionate friend. Inq Each talked to five friends who described her as bright, brilliant and entertaining. They nailed her to Australia’s first female prime minister. She committed suicide last year. “

Porters can resist ABC, but they can’t survive their friends at News Corporation.

“Total resistance to investigating allegations against the Attorney General Christian porter Of course, it is driven by internal Liberal politics.My God, there must be some act 3 downfallI will go there.

“Investigation of the temporary absence of porters helps protect the political system. Morrison Announced that there is no alternative. The investigation considers both the 1988 allegations and the 2020 processing. The porter is dropped on the proverbial lift shaft no matter what happens. Morrison apologizes for the minor crime of improper treatment — “I have a lot to learn”, “a new era” — and in fact benefit from it. “

read all about it

South Australian Labor Party lawmaker Tony Piccolo was hospitalized with a heart attack while running

“Bad for tourism”: Business owners say staff shortages cost half the airfare

Daniel Andrews: Premiere performances will attend the national cabinet in the absence of the premiere

The federal government says NT’s delayed AstraZeneca vaccine was never ordered

Experts say the prime minister’s negligence against Christian Porter exposes dead women to “media trials.”

Turnbull tried to thwart Corman in OECD work ($)

Australians handed over to Saudi Arabia face “trustworthy risk” of torture

Former Bolivian President Hairnine Annes behind the bar on suspicion of a coup

A woman pinned to the ground by Clapham’s vigilance said police were “shameful”

Kosovo opens embassy in Jerusalem after Israel recognizes independence


Workers’ big wins in Western Australia pose risks to both sides — — Martin Drum (conversation): “There are at least six Liberal Party or MPs in the 59-seat House of Representatives, and far more non-governmental members in the Senate, but there is no doubt that the McGowan government will control the proceedings in parliament. This is imbalanced and raises the issue of accountability. Parliament is the main body of government accountability in our democratic system and is usually an important parliamentary process that makes the government accountable. Maintained. Opposition parties need resources to investigate controversial issues, investigate complaints, and develop alternative policies. “

Reality after COVID for conservative government ($) — Jennifer Oriel (((Australian person): “The conservative government faces the greatest challenges in decades. The COVID pandemic broke the classical liberal model in a limited state. Small government promises have disappeared for at least a generation. At the end of the month, the government’s COVID support package to sustain corporate buoyancy and consumer spending will end, but taxpayer-funded media and the public sector are on the edge to combat financial constraints. Conservatives are facing a difficult battle because they are affiliated with a company. The reality is that they are biting, and it will hurt like hell. “

In the Netherlands, workers are undertaking fossil fuel giants like seashells — — Maria Buattia (Jacobin): “Today, people across the Netherlands are participating in a series of national demonstrations calling for action on the climate crisis, the Climate Warning. Over the past few months, activists, students, teachers, families and workers have been involved. It has formed a community coalition and has mobilized people for planned local protests in more than 40 towns and cities. “

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  • Senator Rex Patrick Propose a resolution acknowledging that China continues to commit genocide against the people of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

    Several Uighur organizations will meet today outside the Capitol, with speakers including Patrick of Greens. Janet Rice And Labor Party lawmakers Tony Zappia..

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