Best Washable Incontinence Underwear : What you Need to Know

Tired of wearing panty liners? Have you considered buying washable incontinence underwear instead? The name sounds a bit annoying, but in reality washable leak-proof underwear is designed to handle both large and small leaks.

To be honest, I don’t think many people needed a panty liner at some point in their lives. Did you need a leak-proof underwear solution from an early age, or did you need a panty liner for later leaks too soon?Birth, and then again menopause..

However, people are finding that washable incontinence underwear (which can be washed like regular underwear) is earth-friendly and more comfortable to wear than panty liners.

The best leak-proof underwear for women has come a long way since the days of grandmothers, when old rags were cut into line pants!

The best leak-proof underwear is needed for incontinence, hopefully years later, but many women of our age are beginning to look for pants suitable for small embarrassing leaks rather than panty liners. menopause..

But you should settle on only the best – the kind of underwear that can give you confidence takes you through a dry day and the embarrassment of those “hey, it was green onions” moments You will be freed from it!

Washable leak-proof underwear

With the best intentions in the world, and gawd knows how I tried to avoid it and deny it, I feel more comfortable with a little extra padding on my pants.

I know I’m not alone because at some point in a woman’s life, whether during menstruation, after childbirth, or after menopause, some form of urinary incontinence can cause an ugly head.

I deliberately ignored small leaks that weren’t bid for sudden laughter or sneezing, or cross-legged moments that wouldn’t take you completely to the bathroom in time. And I do those Kegel exercises on a regular basis, just in case you’re asking.

Women’s problems!

They will continue to give it for the rest of their lives.

If it’s not one, it’s another, and since we’re all in this girl together, don’t be shy and find a rather great solution.

(((Attention to your daughter – The pants described in this post Also suitable for menstrual leaks).

Invisible washable incontinence underwear

When contacted Modi body He sent me a seamless pee and menstrual pants * I have to admit that I put it on one side and thought, “No, I really don’t need it, I’ve lost my period, I don’t want to get used to it.” Such a thing – not for a while anyway. “

Then one night I decided to start yoga. And I was worried. As you know, there is a concern that someone may be running a downward dog right behind you and looking directly at your hell area. Now, don’t we want to give any signs of a leak? I was regretted by the idea.

So I put on Modibodi pants, a popular leak-proof pants for incontinence, and sighed a lot. I don’t know if it was a relief or a resignation. But it was. relieved.

The best leak-proof underwear brand

I did some research to find some of the best trousers for urinary incontinence you can buy online. If you’re a little embarrassed to buy leak-proof pants over the counter, you can reassure your anonymity by buying them online.

# 1 Modi body

# 2 Speax by Thinkx

# 3 Van body

#Four Warm sun

Modibodi leak-proof underwear

I tried Modibodi’s sensual high waist bikini pants. It provides light, moderate absorption that is resistant to pee and menstruation. Very comfortable and fits nicely (I tried the 12 / M that fits my size). They gave me the confidence to pose with purpose, and I don’t have to worry about things. The pants couldn’t be seen through the leggings, and no one knew I was wearing anything other than a nicker.

They have a soft, silky feel, a very slim lining, only 3mm thick, and it is unbelievable that the heaviest absorbent pants can actually hold up to about 20ml of liquid. (Worth to put in a period of up to 4 tampons-speak).

I say bring it! It feels safe to wear the lightest Modibodi pants with excellent wicking and keeps you dry, cool and fresh.

Modibodi pants have the lightest (moisture wicking only) to ultra-light absorbency (can contain up to 5 ml of liquid), and the heaviest overnight pants (about 20 ml) from other variations. Can contain liquids). ..

What are Modibodi pants made of?

According to the manufacturer’s guidelines, Modibodi’s washable incontinence underwear is made of:-

  • Bamboo Viscose – Bamboo does not require pesticides or fertilizers and grows abundantly without damaging the soil.
  • Merino Wool – Renewable, moisture wicking and naturally antibacterial, this biodegradable is superfiber.
  • Organic Cotton GOTS certified and cultivated without the use of synthetic chemicals uses more than 90% less water and has far less environmental impact than traditional cotton.

How do leak-proof underwear work?

Modibodi infographic provided

How to wash leak-proof underwear

  • Please wash before wearing
  • Rinse with cold water after use. Do not rub or soak, wash until the water is clear.
  • Then wash with cold water and use a delicate bag if possible.
  • Do not use soft finishes as this will reduce the effectiveness of the product.
  • Hang out to dry.

Speax by Thinkx – What You Need to Know

Speax by Thinkx Absorbent underwear to prevent bladder leakage — the panty liner can be replaced permanently.

The manufacturer’s guidelines say …

  • Full briefs or Hip hugger style..
  • This absorbent washable incontinence underwear can hold up to 8 teaspoons of liquid.
  • Speax underwear for bladder leakage is odor resistant and neutralizes unwanted odors.
  • It is absorbent and has a breathable moisture barrier that helps protect you from moisture.
  • It has a quick-drying lining and is wicking, so you won’t feel any moisture.
  • Featuring the look and feel of everyday underwear, it is a comfortable solution for mild to moderate bladder leaks.
  • It is designed not to get wet or bulky.
  • Speax underwear is made of soft and breathable fabrics of various styles.
Washable incontinence underwear, high waist bladder leak briefs
High waist bladder leak briefs

Speax by Thinx – Product Information

  • Machine wash
  • Replace the panty liner. No other protection needed! Our absorbent, quick-drying protective panties hold up to 8 tsp of liquid. This is a solution for mild to moderate bladder leakage.
  • Created by the same team behind Sinks era underwear, Speax has protection built into the ultra-thin gusset of the underwear. Moisture wicking, deodorant and leakproof layers work together to keep you fresh and dry.
  • The look and feel of everyday underwear. A comfortable solution for mild to moderate bladder leaks, Speax underwear is made from a variety of styles of soft, breathable fabrics. Our leak-proof panties are designed to stay wet and bulky.
  • Suppresses odor. Bladder leak underwear neutralizes all unwanted odors while trapping moisture behind a breathable moisture barrier.
  • Easy care. Unlike panty liners and other disposable disposables, Speax is reusable, saving time and money. Cool in the washing machine and tumble dry. Click on our logo to buy more products!
  • Speax is ultra-thin, absorbent and offered in a sleek, modern style. With Speax, you can be ready, protected and feel like yourself.
  • Speax is everyday underwear and is carefully shipped to the front door. In addition, it is machine washable and reusable (just wear, wash and reuse).
  • Speax is a sustainable solution to daily leaks, so you (and Mother Nature) can breathe a little easier.
Washable incontinence underwear, hip hugger style, Speax
Speax hip hugger style underwear

In the article Health line : “Thinx CEO Maria Morand Selby told CNBC,” People are more and more concerned about what to put in their bodies, “” because all our products are washable and reusable. It’s good for the earth. “

“Thinx was also one of the first brands to jump into this shift in 2015. As a company selling a line of hygroscopic and comfortable menstrual underwear, this product is only eco-friendly for the wearer. It claims to be healthy as well.-Conscious. Therefore, traditional menstrual product brands run the risk of appearing out of sync with women’s new priorities, which makes the period a broader social issue. I will position it. “

Health line

Description of van body washable incontinence underwear

Van body There are bikini style and high cut legs that hug the hips. They are ideal for wearing under active wear, so they are perfect for stopping by to go to the gym, Pilates or yoga classes.

Bambody – Product Information

  • Low-rise comfort – The perfect low-rise style for your hips is a “short” version of the popular absorbent panties.
  • Absorbent and Leak-proof – A front-to-back leak-proof layer backs up an absorbent crotch that holds up to 2x tampon worth of liquid.
  • Perfect nightwear … Safe protection and easy sleep.
  • Silky Smooth – Bamboo / spandex fabrics are soft, cool and breathable.
Washable incontinence underwear, van body
Washable incontinence underwear, van body bikini style
Van body bikini style

Warm sun protective underwear

Warm Sun Women’s Bamboo Viscose Fiber Multipack Plus size elastic soft breathable high middle waist panties size S-3XL

Leak-proof pants from the warm sun

Warm Sun-Product Information

  • Hand wash or machine wash
  • Underwear material: 95% bamboo viscose fiber and 5% spandex.
  • 2 or 3 or 5 value packs. Assorted colors: gray, white, black, skin, rouge.
  • The waistband is wide and is at the mid-level of the waist.
  • Lots of stretches. Smooth touch. Breathable. lightweight. Environmentally Friendly.
  • Do not bleach or dry clean.
  • Please wash at a water temperature not exceeding 40 degrees Celsius.

Warm sun protective underwear

Panty liner or leak-proof pants? verdict.

On the plus side, you’ll find that leak-proof pants are more comfortable and convenient, and clearly have better carbon dioxide emissions.

You need to go to the store and buy panty liners, and don’t forget to keep them in stock. The trousers can already be washed and cleaned, but are ready to be worn in the underwear drawer.

No more digging deep into your purse for the new panty liner.

Panty liners can feel bulky and awkward. They definitely hold more odor than leak-proof pants.

Disposable pads or panty liners are made of non-biodegradable plastic that takes hundreds of years to disassemble. Therefore, leak-proof pants are a more sustainable and eco-friendly solution.

What do you think? Do you have the courage to comment? Share-We are all together!

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