Best 5 Security System Installation Companies in Albury-Wodonga

There are two types of people, based on their attitude towards security systems: the ones who don’t care about them and those whose home was burglarized, and they don’t want it to happen again. According to the latest Australia-wide statistics, burglars take around $2500 worth of goods on average from one household. That’s not a lot, one might say, yet the level of emotional distress the victims suffer is sometimes genuinely unbearable. Not being able to feel safe in your own home can be devastating, and luckily, with modern technologies, security camera installation costs way less than what you might lose if a robbery happens.

Home security systems installation is not only wise a wise decision but also a financially sound one. For one, a set of cameras and their installation costs start around $1500 for a basic set, which is, as we’ve pointed out already, way less than a predicted loss from a robbery. But you’d better factor in another thing, which is the cost of your insurance!

It’s a common practice among insurance companies in Australia and worldwide to base their prices on the likeliness of an insurable event. And if you want to insure against robbery or burglary, the presence and quality of a security system will significantly impact the price.

Here’s the list of the best security system installation companies in Albury-Wodonga for you and pointed out the pros and cons. The businesses are ranged according to the range of the services and equipment they offer, prices, trust, and satisfaction of their clients.

#1 Matrix Solutions

Matrix Solutions appears to be our personal top choice for several reasons:

  • A local business;
  • Complete coverage of Albury Wodonga and all of the surrounding areas;
  • Usage of Australian-made products when it’s possible;
  • Wide range of other services, including antenna mounting and repairs, flat TV mounting, satellite TV, home theatre solutions;
  • Commercial installation, with various options for different businesses;
  • Local support, with technical support available throughout the week, and emergency services available 24/7;
  • Warranty on all goods and services;

These guys not only supply and install security cameras but do it for a modest price too. For example, the basic CCTV set with 2 4-megapixel cameras, recorder, 2TB hard drive, and 22” LCD monitor is only $1390, including installation! And if you want your whole yard or office covered, there’s a package with 8 cameras for $2690 that won’t leave a single-blind spot on your property unless you live in a palace. And in that case, you’d probably want to go with armed security anyway.

#2 Top Security

Top Security takes a silver medal here due to their slightly higher pricing and lack of extra services, but they make up for it with as much of a personal approach as you can get.

  • Locally owned and operated;
  • Father and sons business;
  • No middlemen;
  • You deal directly with a person who makes all the work, and they’re going to be handling the warranty services afterward;
  • Offers CCTV installation, alarm systems installation, and antenna mounting;

If you’re interested in security systems in Albury-Wodonga and want to support the family business – Top Security might be a good choice. Their basic package solution for home security goes for $1690 and includes 2 6MP cameras with infrared mode, a recorder, and a 2 TB HDD. And suppose you want to get top security. In that case, there’s a Platinum Package with 4 8MP cameras, an 8-channel recorder, 4TB HDD, and a UPS to keep the cameras working in case of a power shortage.

#3 Border Security

Border Security is a solid firm with 30 years of experience in electronic security and covers Albury-Wodonga and neighboring areas. So if you want to go for a reputable company with history – Border security sure has what you need.

  • Local business;
  • 30 years of experience;
  • Provides not only CCTV supply and installation but also access control solutions and alarm monitoring;
  • Wide price range;

What’s good about Border Security is that their security systems installers in Albury-Wodonga have an option for everyone. The cheapest set is only $1100, and it has 6 1080p cameras with night vision and motion detection, a DVR with an in-built 1TB HDD, and an app for iOS and Android. Here you can see the difference in choice: you don’t get a monitor or a UPS with these guys, but no other basic pack offers 6 cameras! No 4k resolution on them, yet if you ask yourself – you might get an answer that you don’t need to see burglars in 4k at all. But, if you have a face, and you get notified when the entry happens – that’s more than enough!

#4 Serious Security

Serious Security was founded in 2014 and now provides services for the whole of New South Wales and beyond, providing security solutions with a warranty. Not a locally owned business for sure, but does it matter if you can get anything you want in terms of security?

  • Licensed by NSW Police Force and Victoria Police SLED;
  • Dozens of reputable customers are happy with the services they’ve got, including Pizza Hut, BP, Laura Ashley, and many more;
  • The vast range of security services for commercial clients and private residences, including access control, facial recognition, alarm systems, CCTV, traffic control, and many more;
  • Only the best products;
  • Special training for all personnel, including installation technicians, camera operators, and patrol officers;
  • 24/7 support;

Serious Security claims to be top-notch in everything that has to do with security and protection, and their impressive list of clients proves that. As for their range of services – you’d better check their site because the list is enormous. They have intercoms, CCTV, alarm systems, security screens for doors and windows, alarm monitoring, access, control, and all that comes with a warranty and installation. The basic solution for private homes is $2000 and has 4 6MP cameras, 2TB hard drive, 4-channel DVR, and a 22” LED monitor on top of it. There is no UPS for this one, but the cameras got night vision, microphones, and motion detection, which you don’t usually get with cheaper solutions.

#5 Macktronix

Founded in 2010, Macktronix specializes in security systems and home theatre installations, covering Victoria and New South Wales, including Albury-Wodonga.

  • 11 years of experience;
  • The range of services includes TV wall mounting, home theatre installation, various audio and video equipment installation, CCTV supply and installation;
  • Licensed for Security and CCTV installation and repair in both NSW and Victoria;
  • Various certificates, including electronics engineering, telecommunications, cabling, and more;

The firm’s primary focus seems to be TV sets and home theaters. However, they have licensed professionals and offer some reliable solutions for domestic security. Their CCTV starter pack goes for $1400 for hardware + $1250 for installation, which is quite a lot, but the products themselves are of way higher quality than what you’d usually get for such a price. The package includes 4 2MP weather-resistant cameras with vandal protection, mechanized zoom and focus, DVR with a 3TB hard drive, and a power supply.


We hope that after reading this, you have a clearer picture of the price ranges and services of security camera supply and installation firms in Albury-Wodonga. There is an option for everyone, and it’s up to you to decide whether you want to go with a platinum solution or a basic one. Also, there are several other things to consider before picking a system. For example, if you’re a renter – you’d better go with a wireless system that you can take with you if you move to another apartment. If you have pets – make sure that the system you’re buying is sensitive enough to tell a cat or dog from a human. And the main thing – if you pick a reliable firm – its employees will be professionals with considerable experience. And professionals can answer all your questions and provide you with the best possible solution tailored for your needs and budgets.


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