Best 3 ways to convert DOC to PDF

Could you imagine life without Microsoft Word? The new DOC files are great for jotting down ideas, blogs but aren’t so great when it comes to sharing them!! The problems are common; the test is altered when sent via email to someone, the file can’t be viewed then because until the reader has the right software installed. This is one reason why we convert DOC to PDF format. It is easier to read on several devices and can be viewed easily.

Now comes the next problem – how does one convert a DOC file to the PDF format!! If you handle a large volume of word files, we suggest getting any one of the following converter software. These are light, user-friendly tools that make doc file conversion a little less tedious.

Adobe Acrobat DC

This is the first and foremost choice to convert DOC to PDF, from a known name. It is one of the best offline DOCX to PDF file converter tools to date. There are settings for editing, modifying the PDF files while retaining the original PDF and word file layouts.

Pros Cons
Menu bar with essential features Cost for using the PDF services
Easy document review – DOC and PDF  
Cloud integration for easier file sharing  
All features and tools in one place  


Wondershare PDF Converter Pro

This is a professional level tool that converts PDF files into any kind of file and vice versa. It works offline and is compatible with Excel, Word, HTML, PowerPoint, images, etc. Other functions include an OCR feature that comes in handy for scanning text documents into online text that can be edited or resized. You can even convert password protected files as well. also included is a setting that lets you split a single PDF file into several files and vice versa.

Pros Cons
User Friendly Cost for using PDF services
Stable, fast, smooth software Contains fewer features
Converts PDF into any file format  
Add shapes, highlight text  
Multiple language support

When looking around for ways on how to convert DOC to PDF, you will come across the site. There is no software download required; you simply visit the website in your browser to make use of this converter. The tool only works online, but you can enjoy features like Merging many PDF files into one file, PDF OCR, convert regular PDFs, Split PDFs, compress files and password-protect them. Follow these steps when using the site:

  • Go to ‘’ on your browser.
  • Drag the Doc file on to the page
  • Select ‘PDF’ or any other format you want to change the file into. You can choose up to 50 file format types in one go!
  • Now adjust the desired page size, orientation, and other conversion options as required.
  • Your PDF file should be done in minutes (more time is required when converting a bigger volume of files.)
  • Download or export your newly converted files to your Google Drive or Dropbox account.
Pros Cons
Password protection of PDF files Online version available only
Multiple PDF file conversion formats  
Multiple PDF file adjustment settings  
Cloud integration for easier file saving/sharing  

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