Ben Fordham quits Ninja Warrior hosting gig to focus on 2GB

Ben Fordham has focused on his successful radio gig, so he has confirmed that he will not return to co-sponsoring the next season of Ninja Robots.

Ben Fordham has resigned from the Australian Ninja Warrior hosting gig.

The 44-year-old journalist, who has hosted the Channel 9 show with Rebecca Maddern since its premiere in 2017, said: The Daily Telegraph He mainly wanted to focus on successful radio shows at 2GB.

“I thought it was better to focus only on the main game, breakfast radio. For my mental health and family, I think it’s better to call it a Ninja Warrior Day and focus on the radio. “Fordham told the publication.

After veteran Alan Jones, who had been in that position since 2001, retired in May last year, three fathers intervened to host a popular breakfast show.

Jones, 80, dominated broadcast waves in early time slots for many years, and Fordham has continued to provide broadcasters with a strong reputation.

There was a temporary slip in July 2GB was surprisingly defeated by Kyle and Jackie O’ – It’s been more than 15 years since I lost the title of “Sydney’s Top Breakfast Show” – Fordham was able to quickly return straight to the top..

In August’s radio rating, Fordham rose 3.5 points to 16.8%, while Kyle and Jackie O fell 3.4 points to 12.1%.

He took the lead further this month, rising 2 points to 18.8% viewership, making 2GB the most watched station in Sydney on both AM and FM dials.

Fordham said he would continue to work with the Nine Network, which he has been involved with for over 20 years.

at first Ben Fordham quits the ninja warrior hosting the gig to focus on 2GB

Ben Fordham quits Ninja Warrior hosting gig to focus on 2GB Source link Ben Fordham quits Ninja Warrior hosting gig to focus on 2GB

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