Ben Affleck’s lavish gift to Jennifer Lopez for her birthday

Ben Affleck worked with Foundley to create a custom charm necklace for Jen.

Don’t be fooled by the rocks she has. They are designed by Ben Affleck.

The 48-year-old actor and director helped create a special piece of jewelery for Jennifer Lopez’s 52nd birthday. Sultry smooth That wasn’t the only thing he gave her for her big day.

He worked with Foundrae to create a custom charm necklace with sentimental pendants that reveal details of their relationship.

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“A custom piece created by Ben for Jennifer, which clearly communicated their love, but it also reminds us of their ability to change and grow,” said Foundley’s creative director and creative director. Co-founder Beth Bagday Kay said. E!news A gold necklace featuring a series of charms with various meanings.

Affleck has selected multiple medallions for his Bo birthday necklace, including one that symbolizes “elasticity,” which Bugday Kay describes as “wild, abundant, and untamed.”

He also chose flowers that “passionately continue to bloom in the dark against adversity,” but they are inseparable from the thorns.

Lopez’s love may not cost anything, but her birthday glitter probably had a fair price tag. Each pendant costs about $ 4,000 and Affleck has at least three meaningful charms.

During her birthday yacht trip, she also sported a chunky link chain and key pendant from Foundley.Lopez paired in her with a Valentino swimsuit ($ 880) and a silk cotton cape ($ 3117) Now-Viral Birthday Instagram Post..

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Following the couple’s celebration again in Saint-Tropez, Affleck recreated the loot grab from. Jenny from the Block In the video, the pair was found on the island of Capri, Italy.

Lopez’s birthday present is not the only jewelery dedicated to her new romance. She also debuted the “Ben” necklace following her birthday celebration, but it’s unclear if it was a gift from Affleck.

Both stars seem to like to show love through jewelry. Lopez unveiled an “Alex” hoop to former fiancé Alex Rodriguez in 2019, and Affleck and his girlfriend Ana de Armas shared a matching heart necklace last year.

Affleck sent his own bling bling-based compliment to Lopez this year after the pair rekindled romance. It seems to be sporting the same watch he wore in 2002. Jenny from the Block video.

A charm necklace dedicated to their love, probably the second time Benifer’s charm.

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Ben Affleck’s lavish gift to Jennifer Lopez for her birthday Source link Ben Affleck’s lavish gift to Jennifer Lopez for her birthday

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