Bebe Rexha shares her mental health battles on new record Better Mistakes

Music star Bebe Rexha writes songs to help fans not feel lonely about mental health issues. But they don’t always help her.

Bebe Rexha does not tear crocodile tears. When the Queen of Meant To Be Stream had to enter the zone of the opening scene of the new single Sabotage video, she stirs up the emotional muscle memory that stimulated the lyrics of the song. And I started bowling.

“I cried so much because I had to use eye drops. After that scene I was so exhausted asking if we were done for the day, and they said,” It’s the first It’s a scene of. ” This is terrible, I’m beyond this, “she says.

“I was wondering why I was interfering with myself. When I feel that something isn’t worth it because I wasn’t enough, the idea I have isn’t the best idea, but I really believe And it always does it. ”

Rexha is the pioneer of her generation of female songwriters who topped the charts with pop bangers unraveling mental health challenges shared with millions of fans.

I’m A Mess hitmakers, like Lizzo, Billie Eilish, and Alessia Cara, are ardent supporters of the body positivity movement and call on the fashion industry when designers don’t wear her for the 2019 Grammy Awards. I’m doing it. Shows the size. ”

She also publicly shared that she was diagnosed with bipolar I disorder. Break My Heart Myself, featuring Travis Barker, is the opening track for her upcoming second album, Better Mistakes, showing how she lives in this state.

“Hello, my name is Stevie / In fact, I’m lying. Really bebe. / It’s a drug. They make me really sleepy. / Clonazepam, my friend, yeah, she’s emotional Paralyzes, “she sings.

So, for all the dangers, like the record’s recent singles “Die for the Man of Lil Woozy Vert” and “Baby Jealous with Doja Cat”, of her spirit and chemicals. There is a song that reveals her dark moments when make-up spent the day. Struggle.

Many songwriters talk about catharsis provided by leading the devil to art, but Rexha says songwriting is “not really useful” for the “work” needed to live with her disability. Is called.

“It just elicits that emotion, you know, but the actual job requires treatment, a lot of work,” she says.

“The title was when I was a teenager and I thought I would grow … my anxiety would go away and everything would be so perfect, I would be perfect,” she said. say.

“You get older, everything is exactly the same. I’m just older. So I’m making better mistakes and trying to understand how this whole life works.”

Better Miss almost ended before the pandemic, after which the American Black Lives Matter movement urged the music industry to suspend the release of new music rafts there.

Lexa, a popular songwriter in the United States, began her career as an artist after helping out with a pen on the hits of Eminem, Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez. Instead of writing a new song, I took a break to fine-tune the final mix of the song.

Better Mistakes is based on the pop sound that helped create the 2018 album Expectations and the smash hit collaborations “Meant To Be with Florida Georgia Line” and “In The Name Of Love with Martin Garrix”.

“The song I’m most proud of is that I’m A Mess because I felt it was the most honest and real Bebe. It’s me,” she says.

“So I wanted to make an album that was an extension of that. Think I’m A Mess, push it more into hip-hop and dance and hear what happens.

“I wanted to stay vulnerable and honest because, like the first song I’ve ever written, it really connects fans. I’ll show you crazy. “.”

Early on, the song took dozens of fans to her merchandise department after the show and shared their own story of fighting eating disorders, self-harm and other mental health challenges. I remember those days.

She sat at the stall for hours talking to them.

“They had a lot of anxiety and wanted to be a place where they didn’t feel lonely,” she says.

“I sat in a tent, sold merchandise and talked to those fans … I felt connected with those people and grew up together by discussing mental health issues.

“People consider such things to be moody for teens. It’s not just hormones, they just disappear when you grow up.

“I’m just trying to give them the song I want to hear.”

Better Mistakes will be released on May 7th.

Bebe Rexha shares her mental health battles on new record Better Mistakes Source link Bebe Rexha shares her mental health battles on new record Better Mistakes

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