Beauty And The Geek: Sam and Aira make a shock return

After a tough business challenge, a couple gained a great deal of extraordinary power to regain the excluded couple.

Reaching the end of a competitive business, the challenge is getting even harder with beauty and nerds.

There was no exclusion during the episode on Tuesday. Instead, in addition to the date, the winner of the challenge received a huge special power to change the course of the competition.

But earning is not easy. Contestants were thrown into a particularly difficult “business” challenge.

Each team will be a guest speaker for corporate presentations and will form their own fictitious business. They were supposed to give a presentation to a group of employees from two Australian companies.

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The winners of the challenge were Josie and George, who absolutely nailed the challenge, even through a desperate fire alarm.

“I didn’t see it coming. I thought it was the worst challenge I’ve ever had in my life,” Josie laughed.

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Along with the date, the couple was rewarded in a special superpower. They were able to regain one of the last three excluded couples.

There is no doubt that they made a big decision in it I decided to go with the last excluded couple, Sam and Islay..

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But that wasn’t the biggest shock of the episode.

During Josie and George’s culinary date, the pair recently took a big step in their relationship after sharing their first kiss.

George explained how easy it was to talk to Josie and how much she liked her, but worried that they might come from different cities.

“I live in Melbourne and Josie lives in Sydney. It’s 878km away. I know it because I googled it,” he tells the camera.

The idea of ​​something that doesn’t work because of the location is a “painful” idea, says George.

The elephant in the room is addressed while cooking fresh pasta that day.

“Do you want to pursue something after the show?” Asks nervous George, “because I want to.”

After a short pause, Josie gives George the only answer he wanted to ask.

“Sure, I really like where this is going and I want to keep doing this. I would be very depressed because of that,” Josie laughs.

“Moving to Sydney has always been my goal,” George adds.

Well, that solves it. I sincerely hope that the two will be separated.

Beauty And The Geek: Sam and Aira make a shock return Source link Beauty And The Geek: Sam and Aira make a shock return

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