Beach bargains: the cheapest suburbs to get a coastal home in Sydney and NSW revealed

Homes near the beach may look like a wealthy and famous reserve, but near Sydney and upstream of the New South Wales coast, you can enjoy sea breeze and sea views.

Real estate sales data reveals that the beach location in the pocket of the Central Coast still lists homes for well below $ 1 million, and in some cases the unit price has dropped to $ 450,000. I am.

Beach towns such as Stuarts Point and Nambucca Heads between Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbor offer about $ 400,000 homes for those who are willing to go further along the coast. Sapphire Beach, about 10km north of Coffs Harbor, costs less than $ 300,000.

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Suburbs that require rent renegotiation

Prices are far from traditional Sydney beach hotspots such as Manly, Bronte and Bondi. Here, the average price of a home is close to $ 3 million.

According to data from, the cheapest beach houses on the Central Coast tended to be concentrated in the suburban belt near Lake Tuggerah in the north.

media_cameraRyan and Kimberly Letton Howe sell their homes at Umina Beach with the children of Corbyn and Zoe.Photo: David Swift

The area has the entrance, which is popular with tourists, and lesser-known suburbs such as Bateau Bay and Blue Bay, where buyers can buy units for an average price of $ 445,000 to $ 615,000. Median home prices in these regions ranged from $ 600,000 to $ 900,000.

The Woy Woy Peninsula, south of the Central Coast, was also home to many cheap coastal homes such as Booker Bay, Ettalong Beach, and Umina Beach.

Cameron Kusher, an analyst at, said some of these suburbs are cheaper because they have flown under the radar of homeseekers in the past.

Other areas were less popular with buyers because they were difficult for city workers to access by road or public transport, Kusher said.

“Location is a big factor in price, and hard-to-reach areas are always cheaper,” he said.

Houses near narrow sandy beaches and beaches suitable for swimming also tended to be cheaper.

Chittaway Bay, the cheapest median home price on the “sandy” outskirts of the Greater Sydney area at $ 589,000, was a good example.

It features a small lake beach that runs along a lawn park and is not a popular swimming area.

This makes it less attractive than areas with large beaches, and prices remain low despite the many homes along Aloha and Dr. Kahlua directly on the water.

Chain Valley Bay — $ 618,000 The median — and Empire Bay — $ 860,000 — belonged to a similar category, with only small sands along the lagoon or estuary.

Located at the entrance, this unit is several roads from the beach and sells for & # 36; 495,000.
media_cameraThis unit at the entrance is located on several roads from the beach and sells for $ 495,000.
5 Sanctuary, Umina Beach is for sale at & # 36; 1.04m.
media_camera5 Sanctuary, Umina Beach sells for $ 1.04 million.

Bell Property-Kill Care Agent Kathy Baker said it’s a different story from Booker Bay, Etalong Beach and Umina Beach.

She said these peninsula areas offered great value as Sydney’s buyers were low and villa buyers had spent money elsewhere in the last few years.

“They are nice and sleepy waterfront areas and family-friendly beaches. They weren’t as famous as other suburbs like Terrigal,” she said.

“You can get a house (on the peninsula) near the beach for less than $ 1 million, and there are many old apartments with waterside views that add value.”

McGrath-Ettalong Beach agent Jarrod McClintock said that many Umina and Ettalong Beach homes are more than doubled in value when located in areas such as the beaches of northern Sydney.

Chittaway Bay is the cheapest beach on the Central Coast.
media_cameraChittaway Bay is the cheapest beach on the Central Coast.
Bateau Bay is also one of the cheapest suburbs.
media_cameraBateau Bay is also one of the cheapest suburbs.

“You can get a townhouse parallel to the beach for $ 800,000, but you won’t get it anywhere in Sydney,” McClintock said.

He added that buyers are just beginning to find value. “The Central Coast was previously thought to be really far from Sydney, but it’s no longer seen that way, and that’s just the way it’s evolving,” he said.

“Looking back, the suburbs of Sydney, like Pennant Hills, were thought to be remote, but our thinking changed a lot.

“And now that more people are working from home, distance isn’t that important.”

Hidden beach jewels

Umina Beach homeowners Ryan and Kimberly Lettonhow said the area offers stunning coastal views, but remains relatively unknown compared to the other suburbs of the Central Coast.

In the past, it was kept quiet and cheap because it cast shadows on popular vacation destinations such as Terrigal, Avoca and Wamberal, Lettonhow said.

“Previously it was underdeveloped. The original homes of the 1950s and 1960s were just abandoned in the sand and nothing special,” he said.

Retton-Howe is auctioning a home on Brisbane Avenue on January 30th. Photo: David Swift
media_cameraRetton-Howe is auctioning a home on Brisbane Avenue on January 30th. Photo: David Swift

“They are currently being refurbished or replaced in better homes, but few are for sale.”

He said the low inventory may be due to more people discovering the area and starting to move there.

“I’m getting very busy. You can tell just by going for a walk,” he said. “It’s a great beach and it’s very easy to access. It’s a great place.”

The couple will auction a four-bedroom Hamptons-style home on Brisbane Avenue on January 30 at McGrath-Etalong Beach, but stay in the area.

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