‘Battlefield 2042’ Won’t Have This Fan-Favorite Mode And Feature At Launch

“Battlefield 2042” is one of the long-awaited titles to be released this year. While other multiplayer games are struggling to enter the eSports scene, DIC and EA do not seem to have yet introduced a ranking mode at the time of game release.

“Battlefield 2042” launches in rank mode or esports mode and without a rental A server. Justin Wiebe, Senior Design Director at Ripple Effect Studios, details these launches. video Interview with Battlefield Nation last week.

When an interviewer asked Wiebe if there were plans for developers to directly support the creation tools available in the Battlefield Portal when creating eSports-focused modes and maps, Wiebe said, “Rank at launch. I have no plans to set up mode or eSport mode. It’s clear that I want to hear more from the community, but if it’s important to the community, I’d like to hear about it. I will look at it. “

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During the interview, Wiebe was also asked about the possibility that Battlefield 2042 could rent a server.The design director confirmed that it was not available at Release Similarly. Wiebe said, “When people launch a server, it’s free to everyone, so whether you want to say it’s right or not, you and I have a lot of AI. I disagree, or a server with 128 players, completely free. “

The design designer also understands that there are big fans of server rental programs. That’s what we’re talking about. But at this point we’re not committed to that. We are actively considering it because it is important to some community members who understand it. “

The news isn’t surprising or unexpected, as the title “Battlefield” hasn’t previously focused on a dedicated competition mode. However, even if there is no ranking mode or eSports mode at the time of release, game developers seem to have a huge set after release. schedule In the case of “Battlefield 2042”. Previous reports have suggested that the game will roll out new characters, new maps, and modes through seasonal updates after launch.

“Battlefield 2042” will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. The game will be released on October 22nd.

‘Battlefield 2042’ Won’t Have This Fan-Favorite Mode And Feature At Launch Source link ‘Battlefield 2042’ Won’t Have This Fan-Favorite Mode And Feature At Launch

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