Bardot stars Katie Underwood and Belinda Chapple on new duo KA’BEL

In a frank new interview with news.com.au, two Bardot members reveal why last year’s reunion plan failed and what they did next.

It may seem strange to talk about Australia’s most successful girl groups, but in many ways Bardot’s story is one of the missed opportunities.

Born from a hype machine that was the first season of Pop star In 2000, they had great success overnight, but lost key member Katie Underwood. In a mysterious situation Together during their first year.

They made a strong comeback with the killer second album, but suddenly split in 2002, with those the group wanted (Sophie Monk, Sally Polylonas) and those desperately wanting to continue (Belinda Chapple, Tiffany Wood). Divided into.

Since then, there have been some false starts. The secret plan for a 10-year reunion never got off to a good start, and the milestone of last year’s 20th anniversary could not be realized. Coaxial cable for 3 or more members Unite for some interviews.

But of all these finally, Some new music from Bardot – some kind. Underwood and Chapple have collaborated to form a new dance-pop duo, KA’BEL (Katie Belinda – geddit?), For their debut single. Broken-hearted, This Friday October 15th..

And Bardot fans can sigh of relief. This track is a tasteful slice of tears disco on the dance floor that perfectly blends with the group’s career’s best singles. I need someone Sterling solo work with Underwood’s Disco Montego.

For those who have been waiting for new music for a long time, it’s also impressive to hear the group’s two most distinctive voices singing together again in the next few years. Katie and Belinda told news.com.au exactly why Bardot’s reunion last year collapsed and how KA’BEL rose from the ashes.

So how did this happen?

Katie: Bardot’s big revival, which celebrated its 20th anniversary last year, was really the driver who won four of us. [Sophie Monk declined to take part] First together – then four became three, then three became two. And Belinda and I might have cried a little at that point and said, “Oh, I really wanted it to work.”

Belinda: By the way, she is joking about tears.

Katie: No, it’s not. A little tears, a little taunt, probably at the same time. I was really disappointed that I couldn’t collect anything, and the only consistent partner in the crime I had was Belinda. We just kept saying “yes”. “Yes, we want to sing. Yes, we want to do Instagram. Yes, we want to do whatever my dear friend Joe put on the table. [Dadic, who organised the Bardot reunion] … ”And we just kept saying“ yes ”.

Then when Belinda said he was returning from Singapore to Australia, I said, “Now, let’s move this train.”So I decided to do it together, so KA’BEL was formed. Broken-hearted born.

It seems like it was a tough process as other Bardot members dropped out last year. What actually happened?

Katie: I think everyone is at different stages of their life, with the priority of their family. We are lucky for Belinda and me. My kids are old enough that if you have to leave more than a few days at a time, it’s not a crisis. And while Belinda is a business owner like me, we have some flexibility in that regard. But for other women, it wasn’t very flexible and making new music might not have been a priority. So we didn’t get angry with them so much, but we had to accept that the timing wasn’t right for them.

Belinda: It seems that the timing did not match [during the planned reunion] 10 years ago. I think everyone was disappointed when I talked to them at that time, but things happen. And 20 years is a long time. In those 20 years, whether you live abroad, have children, are married or divorced, you will embark on a variety of trips. For some reason, it’s the right time for Katie and I to do this.

Katie: I didn’t want to wait another 5 years for the 25th anniversary!

Belinda: Some people suggested that, and I said, “Do you know how old I am? I’m the oldest, everyone. Get a grip. Do you think you’ll do all this again in five years?”

Bardot had the number one single and album – what does the success of this project look like to you?

Katie: I have been independent and under surveillance for the last 5 years. Release an album every year To a community of very small people-perhaps a cluster of hundreds to thousands of loyal followers of the genre. But for me, the success of releasing something is when those messages, emails, and texts start to be sent. very. It makes me feel this, this, and this. For me, it’s a success in itself.

Belinda, I I told you last year How sudden and shocking the division of Bardot was to you, and how you want the group to continue. next, Follow-up interview Together with the band’s manager, David Caplice, Bardot said it had collapsed due to constant fighting. What did you think of it?

Belinda: I found it completely inconsistent with my experience, so I found it very interesting. And one moment he said we were fighting constantly, and the next moment he said, “I want to manage them and get them on a big comeback tour!”

When all bands are in a stressful environment, there are occasional moments when they feel stressed about being out of control. Whether you’re late or whatever it is, it’s a matter of sound. But as long as we fight among our girls … that’s not true. Bardot has worked with so many people. Think of everyone around you, whether you’re at a radio station, shooting a video, or wherever you go. People would have known if we were fighting. They would have seen it everywhere. That would have been known in the industry, but it wasn’t.

Katie: And there is a big difference between those who fight each other and those who are under stress. Stressed people speak out and answer questions in a way that is probably much less affectionate and compassionate.

But every day from 6am to 11pm, you won’t smile when you’re on tour, on the move, or under the pump. You don’t have the energy to do that. Now, do those same managers apply the same to the proliferation of male bands? It’s another lens, a sexist lens that, if you’re a woman, always assumes you should be a smile and a rainbow and sunshine.

We are focusing on people. A strong, professional and talented individual. People don’t act perfectly under stress, but that doesn’t mean you’re fighting each other.

Katie – You are now the mother of two 10 year old girls. What do they think about you returning to your pop star’s roots?

Katie: Until the age of five or six, they didn’t know, I was just a mother. I didn’t put the Bardot video in front of their faces when they were babies!When they were about 5 years old and I showed them I shouldn’t let you go clip It was animated, so my story was that I was a superhero along with four other superheroes.

Over the last few years, they have come up with the idea, “Can you be famous again?” I said, “Well, why don’t we release pop music and become more famous?” They said, “Yeah. I think it’s cool.” (smile) “Okay. I’ll give it a try.”

Broken Hearted by KA’BEL will be streamed from Friday, October 15th and will be previewed. Pre-order here..Follow the girl on Instagram For other updates.

at first The band’s failed reunion and the new duo KA’BEL’s Katie Underwood and Belinda Chapple in Bardot

Bardot stars Katie Underwood and Belinda Chapple on new duo KA’BEL Source link Bardot stars Katie Underwood and Belinda Chapple on new duo KA’BEL

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