Bangladesh Vaccinates Sex Workers At Largest Brothel

Bangladesh has begun administering the coronavirus vaccine to sex workers from the country’s largest brothel, a brothel in a vast hut where about 1,900 prostitutes live.

South Asian countries have so far vaccinated about 3 million people over the age of 40 with AstraZeneca jabs, but have lifted the age limit for sex workers in the western town of Daulatdia.

“At least 100 sex workers already have anti-Covid-19 jabs,” Daulatdia’s director of health, Asif Mahmud, told AFP.

“Vaccination of sex workers is very necessary … Thousands of people visit brothels every day, and sex workers in huge brothels are the most vulnerable to viruses.”

Bangladesh’s largest brothel sex worker (L) vaccinated against Covid-19 in Daulatdia
AFP / Atul Rahaman MANJU

The country has focused on vaccination of the elderly, front-line health care workers and security forces since the vaccination drive began earlier this month, but will eventually cover about 80% of the population. It’s a schedule.

The first sex worker to receive a jab from a brothel went to a clinic 5 km (3 miles) away, but Mahmood said authorities were also planning a dedicated vaccine center within the brothel. It was.

Daulatdia’s doctor, Mohammad Ibrahim, said “multiple awareness campaigns” are underway to encourage more people to get jabs.

The 40-year-old beauty, nicknamed by one name, said he was hesitant at first because he had heard rumors that people had died after being shot.

Daulatdia is a vast hut inhabited by about 1,900 prostitutes.

Daulatdia is a vast hut inhabited by about 1,900 prostitutes.

“But the health authorities have reassured us. Now we understand that it’s important because we meet so many people every day,” she said.

Bangladesh is one of the few Islamic countries where prostitution is legal for women over the age of 18, with at least 11 brothels operating nationwide with 168 million people.

Beauty said vaccination would improve their income as many clients were worried about the coronavirus and avoided crowded brothels near busy train stations.

In March, authorities restricted visits to all brothels when imposing a month-long national blockade.

This has had a major impact on the lives of many sex workers and their families, forcing some to rely on food and cash distributions. According to community leaders, many left the brothel to work on the streets.

Jhumur Begum, who heads a major association of sex workers in Daulatdia, said vaccination would help them recover.

“Visit Dauratodia will drive the overwhelming fear of being infected with the virus, and the outbreak could be very fatal here,” Begum said.

Bangladesh has purchased approximately 30 million AstraZeneca vaccines from the Serum Institute of India and an additional 68 million vaccines from the Covax Initiative, a global effort to promote equitable distribution to poor countries. I will receive it.

Nearly 545,000 people were infected as of Wednesday, but more than 8,300 people died from the virus in the country.

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