Australia’s ‘broken’ family and partner visa system to be examined in a Senate inquiry

Australia’s family reunion visa system will be considered in a Senate investigation after a Greens-led motion with the support of the Chamber of Commerce today.

Wide range Inquiries focus on partner visas, delays, discrimination, and a wider range of issues in family visa programs.

Senator Nick Makim, Deputy Leader of the Greens He said it was important to promote a review of the family visa system and consider issues within the current system.

“Our family’s reunion visa system is broken, disappointing so many people making a living in Australia,” said Senator Makim.

“There are decades of waiting lists, exorbitant fees, and complex processes, which means that too many people are kept away from their loved ones.

“Some categories of family reunion visas have a waiting time of 50 years, which is simply ridiculous.

“We need to investigate the problems of our current system in detail and devise ways to make it fairer, more affordable, and much more timely.

“Australia’s family reunion visa system was broken before the pandemic and will remain broken unless we take action.”

The investigation will be conducted through the Legal and Constitutional Reference Committee.

Workers are also seeking investigation, and MP Julian Hill states that family and partner visa programs have hit many Australians.

“Hundreds of thousands of Australian families are upset by liberal family and partner visa program mismanagement,” Hill told SBS News.

“Nearly 100,000 people are desperately waiting for their partner’s visa, many of whom have been away for years and have no hope.”

The promotion of the overhaul came about as the Australian immigration program was shaken by a coronavirus pandemic. It states that the Home Office has influenced visa processing.

Offshore grant requirements have been particularly scrutinized.

Until recently, family and partner visa applicants had to leave the country when the visa was granted in order for the visa to be approved.

Since then, the federal government has introduced travel concessions- And “intended” start date from this Saturday -Eliminate applicants from having to board during a pandemic to obtain a visa.

But Hill said the government’s “cruel delays” and “fraud control” have expanded beyond the pandemic.

“Scott Morrison pretends that the delay is due to COVID-19, but that’s nonsense. This turmoil has been going on for years,” he said.

“The system is broken.”

Hill recommended submissions to all Australians involved in family and partner visa systems.

“This Labor-controlled Senate investigation will provide an opportunity to shed light on Peter Dutton’s black hole, the Home Office, and reveal the Liberal Party’s illegal delays and fraudulent controls,” he said.

We asked the Ministry of Interior for comment.

Place of originAustralia’s ‘broken’ family and partner visa system to be examined in a Senate inquiry

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