Australians walking into ‘plume of infectious particles’, warns epidemiologist of Delta strain

Australians have been warned against infectious delta strains, saying one expert is “in a cloud of infectious particles.”

Australians have been warned of highly infectious Delta strains, and one epidemiologist states that positive cases are “in a cloud of infectious particles.”

Health expert expectations show that more cases are more common in New South Wales The location of the exposure was announced overnightIncludes, Bondi and two “flights of concern”.

Authorities are now concerned about how easy it is to spread the virus variant, along with New South Wales Prime Minister Gladys Berejikrian. Yesterday, we announced a one-week extension of mask measures..

Mary Louise McCrows, a professor of epidemiology at the University of New South Wales and an adviser to the World Health Organization, said the surge in numbers was “huge” and that Delta strains were more mutated than ever before.

Professor McLaws praised the decision on masks, but revealed the horrifying reality of a new variant in which the world is monitoring the way the “fleet” is spreading the virus.

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Professor McLaws spoke with ABC’s Gemma Veness that the variant meant that it became more infectious than its predecessor’s virus. 3-4 days after the onset of symptoms..

In the past, that percentage was only a few percent of infected people.

“This means that the mutant strain of concern can begin to infect people at an early stage. Therefore, around the 5th day when symptoms appear, any mutant strain or wild strain is highly infected. You can see that it can definitely get infected after the third day, and of course it still infects people, “said McLaws.

“In this particular delta, you look very infectious,” she warned.

She suggested that fear of exposure at Sydney’s Bondi Cluster and its Westfield Bondi Junction Complex could be due to shoppers stepping into a “cloud of infectious particles.”

Thousands of visitors to Bondi Westfield during the week will need to be tested as New South Wales health authorities raise the level of concern about the venue.

Mr. Beregikrian said shopping centers have caused “many incidents” and authorities want to make sure they “captured everyone.”

Anyone who visited the center between June 12th and 18th, including the parking lot, was asked to come in front of us.

Professor McLaws explains: “Most of the time I’ve seen covids get from large droplets, so it takes at least a few minutes to inhale well.”

“But sadly, the longer this pandemic lasts, the more likely it is to spit out smaller particles than larger ones at various stages of the disease.

“Maybe we’re seeing people walking in an indoor shopping center. Here, there aren’t many changes in airflow due to infectious diseases. They are small that don’t fall to the ground quickly You are “walking in a cloud of infectious particles” as you are spitting out particles.

Professor McLaws theorized that it was not a “moment of crossing the pathway” but a “moment of crossing the plume of infectious aerosolized particles.”

Eric Liang Feigl-Ding is an American public health scientist who used the example of Sydney’s Delta variant to tell more than 500,000 followers that this type of “fleet contact” infection is a mask and ventilation and air disinfection. The reason for the improvement. “.

“It is no exaggeration to say that the Delta variant is the greatest threat to the 2021 COVID 19 pandemic. It is by far the fastest variant known to date. From 64 countries. data

Who doesn’t lie. B16172 is a clear and present danger to the world. “

Currently 21 Infectious Diseases Outbreak of Covid-19, New South Wales..

“At this stage, we feel our response is proportional to risk,” said Ms Berejiklian, because NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard is a particularly infectious Delta variant. , Warned the residents, “Please take it very seriously.”

“I’m very happy to hear that not only is the use of masks mandatory in transportation, but it also eliminates the need to step into these plumes of infectious particles,” she said. Told.

She argued that children were even more likely to catch tension “as never before”.

“Delta shows us that kids can catch this. I’m always very sure they didn’t catch Covid unless they were home contacts. Was affirmed.

“But this is not the case. This Delta has now figured out how to infect children.”

In March, the Prime Minister pointed directly to the Australians. Especially in their 20s and 30s, “They seem to have the view that they are not infected with the virus because they are healthier.”

“They are infected with the virus,” Morrison said.

“They themselves may have only mild cases, which is not a guarantee, but what they are doing with that view is that they endanger the lives of others. It means that there is. “

Professor McLaws urged partially vaccinated people to receive a second vaccination. Because if you’re partially immune and you get the Delta strain, you can “provide a playground for the virus and learn how to mutate.”

Victoria joined South Australia overnight and set new restrictions on travelers from certain parts of Sydney, but Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton gave a rather harsh message.Can’t enter Victoria“.

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