Australians sitting on $5.6 billion in unwanted tech

According to a new Telstra study, Australians own an estimated $ 5.6 billion of unwanted and obsolete technology items.

Australians have 61 million unwanted or unused tech items, according to a Telstra study, as two in three Australians (66%) hide at least one unwanted tech item in their homes. I will. Of the 13.3 million Australians who have unwanted or unused technology items, the total value of these items averages $ 418. In fact, one in ten Australians (10%) with unwanted or unused technology items sits at a potential value of over $ 1,000.

To prevent Australians from unleashing value and landfilling this unwanted technology, Telstra has partnered with Kingfisher Mobile Australia to facilitate trade-in of qualified old and uncontracted devices while at the same time being the best consumer. We guarantee you will get the market price of. Older devices are then readjusted, resold, and recycled rather than eventually becoming e-waste.

Michael Akland, a Telstra Group consumer and small business executive, said it is unlikely to reuse unwanted phones and tablets as more people upgrade to newer models this Christmas. As I said, that doesn’t mean that someone else won’t.

“By trading in unwanted devices, you can not only earn bonus credits on your Telstra bill, but also
They are far from the landfill. “Akland says.

“Trading unwanted devices is quick, easy, and completely self-service via the My Telstra app. Trade-in amounts are refunded to the owner’s Telstra account, making new devices more affordable with the Telstra plan. Can be used to make it available for purchase at.

The selected Apple, Samsung, and Google phones, along with Apple and Samsung tablets, are currently trade-in, but this list is
It will be updated regularly. There is no limit to the number of devices a customer can trade in, and they can also hold device accessories.

For non-trade-in phones, Telstra recommends three tips on how to reuse or upcycle your old technology:

1. Extending product life is an important part of the circular economy
Reduces the impact on the environment.If your phone is still working, consider giving it to your family
Or a friend who appreciates it.Don’t forget to delete sensitive data first, including
Restores factory settings.
2. Your child is too young for his phone, do you enjoy learning online?Old phone can
As long as you are within Wi-Fi range, it will work without a SIM card or mobile connection.
Download a variety of great educational apps to allow younger kids to enjoy your old ones
Secure your device through approved apps.
3. If your phone is damaged or too old to trade in
The portal, Telstra, has partnered with Mobile Muster to offer a device recycling program.
It always provides a way to bring new life to old phones and tablets.Just take it down
Old device to your local Telstra store.

Australians sitting on $5.6 billion in unwanted tech Source link Australians sitting on $5.6 billion in unwanted tech

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