Australians are sitting on $7.8bn worth of used smartphones – what’s yours worth?

Want to upgrade to your new iPhone 12 or the latest Samsung flagship smartphone? Maybe you can fund the purchase by selling your old smartphone. eBay has revealed that Australians are sitting on over $ 7.8 billion in unused cell phones.

Australia is a country that loves the latest smartphones, so you can easily return it by selling a well-maintained device.

So far in 2020, eBay has sold 76,626 favorite smartphones. It works with 11 mobile phones per hour.

And the used models that offer the best returns are the Apple iPhone XS and Samsung Galaxy Note10 + 5G.

eBay has also created an online tool that helps sellers know how much their device is worth, at a price up to $ 386 higher than a competitor’s trade-in.

According to a Deloitte survey, Apple and Samsung have 40% and 36% of the market share, respectively.

However, research shows that smartphone sales are slowing as more customers choose to keep their existing devices longer, up to three and a half years.

“With Christmas approaching rapidly, there’s no perfect time to get rid of unused tech draws and enjoy mobile upgrades, or sell your old phone and get ahead of the most expensive time of the year. You can also make a little extra cash. ” eBay Australia’s Sophie Onicle.

“EBay shoppers looking to upgrade their current devices can find a huge range of new handsets, including the latest models, at affordable prices from any of Australia’s 40,000 retailers.”

EBay Australia Tips and Tips on How to Get the Most Money on Used Mobile Phones

– – Preparation is the key: Before you are ready to list your phones for sale, make sure they are properly backed up so that you don’t lose all your data when you switch to a new model. For those who are worried about old phone data, Mobile Muster has a how-to video on how to manage phone data: https: //

-Investigation: Examine mobile phone storage capacity, camera specifications, and mobile phone compatible accessories to provide buyers with sufficient information about their products so they can make better purchase decisions. The explanation is marketing. Please describe the item as if no photo was attached.

–Simple: Once informed, you can easily list all the details using pre-filled templates or available barcode scanners for each phone model.

– Make it eye-catching: When taking a picture of your cell phone for your list, try taking a picture on a pure white background with proper lighting. Take photos from all angles, including close-up shots and photos of the accessories you sell with them. Combine your description with at least three great images.

– Contactless sales: EBay is also the only platform that enables contactless sales. You can sell, print, drop labels on the eBay site, drop them in the Australian Mailbox, or pick up Sendle from your doorstep.

Australians are sitting on $7.8bn worth of used smartphones – what’s yours worth? Source link Australians are sitting on $7.8bn worth of used smartphones – what’s yours worth?

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