Australian Federation for Islamic Councils under fire for event featuring Taliban leaders

Australia’s peak Muslim body has been accused of what is called a “totally inappropriate” decision for an upcoming event.

Australia’s peak Muslim bodies have been accused of their “totally inappropriate” decision to platform known Taliban leaders at a virtual event this weekend.

The “Afghanistan Islamic Emirate and Diaspora Muslims” event hosted by the Australian Islamic Council Federation on Saturday night promotes a “Stellar Panel of Speakers” that includes two known Taliban members. development”.

Among the panel members is Sheikh Sohail Shaheen, the official Taliban spokesman since the group hijacked Afghanistan in August following the withdrawal of the United States and Australia.

A fellow panel member, Cheikh Saïd Abd-al-Bashir Sabili, is also an advanced Taliban.

Senator Penny Wong said the decision to allow the Taliban a platform in Australia was “injustice.”

“The Taliban are responsible for the horrific atrocities through its brutal domination of the Afghan people (including women, girls and Hazara) and their recent resurrection,” she said.

“It is also a deep pain for many Australians who have served in Afghanistan and for the tens of thousands of Afghans who have lived in Australia in search of asylum.”

Interior Minister Karen Andrews said he urged the organizers to consider whether to proceed with the event.

“The Taliban’s cabinet has no women, representatives of the Hazara ethnic community, or representatives of other ethnic minorities, and includes members of US-designated terrorist groups,” she said.

“I ponder the organizers about their event and how much it injures veterans, Australian Afghans, Hazara, and Afghan women (all suffering under the Taliban). Think about it and encourage it to proceed as follows. Reported this morning. “

The event has also been blamed by Islamic supporters, including Deakin University professor Sharhram Akbarzadeh, who called the decision to host the event “disastrous.”

“They clearly didn’t talk to the thousands of Australian Afghan diasporas about what it meant to bring the Taliban back into power. It’s wrong on so many levels. It’s rugged,” he said. Said.

Citra Mohammadi, a fellow defender whose family fled Afghanistan in the late 1990s, said it was “terrifying” that Taliban figures were given a platform “to spread their publicity.”

“The Hazaragi are tragically suffering in their hands and continue to do so,” she said.

“The Hazara are now facing forced land expulsion and ethnic cleansing by the Taliban in Afghanistan. This event has led the Taliban to advance its global legitimacy and its repressive domination. It will be possible to strengthen. “

Other speakers include AFIC President Rateb Jneid and Australia’s National Grand Mufti Imam Abdul Quddoos Al Azhari.

We asked the Prime Minister and the Minister of Interior for comment.

at first Australian Federation for the Islamic Council accused of an event featuring Taliban leaders

Place of originAustralian Federation for Islamic Councils under fire for event featuring Taliban leaders

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