Australia vs India cricket: Steve Smith captaincy, cheating’ scuffing guard, Tim Paine sledging, future, reaction, Rishabh Pant

The debate over whether Steve Smith should captain his country again is officially over — whether Australian cricket fans like it.


In the third test against India depicted, Tim Pain wasn’t always as cool as he thought, tourists had more courage than we thought, and Steve Smith recaptured Australia. Can’t be

The 31-year-old was shocked and distraught at the controversy after being accused of injuring a security guard in Reshab Pants on the fifth day at SCG.

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English has worked hard for Smith. Former high-speed bowler Darren Goff blasted it as “simple cheating,” and captain Michael Vaughn, who won the ashes in 2005, labeled it “very poor” and was a former player-coach. In a bitter column, David Lloyd wrote that Smith “don’t rub two brain cells together.”

The truth was when Smith was Smith. The eccentric batter was forever in the foam of his own cricket and was simply the center of shadow batting and marking — the eccentric habit Pain is that his teammates play regularly in every game. Guaranteeed, Justin Langer said he couldn’t damage the pitch.

But when asked how much 36-year-old Payne remains in the top job, it’s clear that he can’t replace him with Smith, especially after dropping three catches and beating Ravichandran Ashwin. became.

Whether right or wrong, Smith will be forever contaminated with his role in the 2018 ball tampering scandal. The scandal banned him for a year and prevented him from maintaining his leadership position in Australian cricket until 2020.

Much of the cricket world, including Australian test players Trent Copeland and Markwow, jumped into Smith’s defense after this latest turmoil, but the overwhelming sentiment from cricket fans on social media follows: It was as follows. To be clear, he himself is in a position to be judged just for something strange?

He didn’t do anything illegal, but left-handed shadow batting, creases, and criticism that Smith could have easily been avoided when there were no more innings to play.

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Vitriol, who came his way, shows that the scars on the sandpaper gate are running deep, and such a small mistake proves that Smith cannot escape his past. If he captains again, he certainly can’t because all his moves are scrutinized more than ever.

Repeated Sydney scandals — and howling, “The sandpaper villain is back!”. — There is always one quirky habit.

There is another reason Smith may be suitable for his tactical nous-seeking role in the field, but it’s unofficial. It’s been great since the young Cameron Green was drafted by the ODI team to make his international debut earlier this summer when Bradman was asked if he had anything to do with an all-rounder since he arrived at the camp.

Smith said he rarely talked to the 21-year-old kid because he was so focused on hitting the ball and batting on the net.

As an unlimited player, you want senior players to feel welcome and take the time to get to know you. That’s certainly what you expect from the captain.

However, Smith was too absorbed in the batting bubble to be distracted.

That’s fine — Smith will be very pleased with many Australian cricket fans if he sticks to his rigorous training regimen and records the number of tracks over the next five years.

He should feel empowered to take all necessary steps to maintain his position as the best batter in the world, but if he lacks the skills of people to get along with newcomers. You cannot be a captain at the same time.

Place of originAustralia vs India cricket: Steve Smith captaincy, cheating’ scuffing guard, Tim Paine sledging, future, reaction, Rishabh Pant

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