Australia Post reveals new collectables to celebrate Aussie icons

Children everywhere are trying to take advantage of Australia Post’s Great Aussie Coin Hunt.

The revival of Australia’s most successful collectible program, celebrating Australia’s iconic wildlife and symbols with a $ 1 coin, has seen a surge in online traffic since its launch last week on the Great Aussie Coin Hunt 2 website. Visited 90,000 times.

“Based on sales and customer feedback, we’ve already confirmed that this year’s Great Aussie Coin Hunt is as popular as the first hunt in 2019,” said David, General Manager of the Post Office Network. McNamara says.

“The most popular letter at the moment is the Queen Victoria Market Q, followed by the Victor Mower V and the Great Barrier Reef G.”

media_cameraA collection of Great Aussie Coin Hunt from Iggy, Atticus Jenkins and Australia Post. Photo: Tim Hunter.

Other coins include readily recognizable Australian landmarks such as the Sydney Harbor Bridge S and highly beloved brands such as MILO’s M and Tim Tam’s T.

The new coins are manufactured in partnership with the Royal Australian Mint, with 6 million coins hidden in cash registers nationwide.

Iggy Jenkins, 10, and brother Atticus, 6, are looking to the $ 15,000 Qantas Holiday Voucher and a year’s chocolate supply award.

“I’m looking forward to collecting coins, especially MILO, Tim Tam and Cherry Ripe,” Iggy said. “My mother hides them around the house, and my brother and I run around looking for them.”

You can join the hunt by going to your nearest Australian Post Office and purchasing and receiving $ 1 collectable coins upon change, or by purchasing the entire collection in-store or online.

Find one of the codewords you need in today’s newspapers for a chance to win a $ 15,000 Qantas Holiday Voucher and other prizes. Other codewords will appear on your Australian mail retail receipt. The entry form can be found at:

Originally released New collectibles make Australians enthusiastic

Place of originAustralia Post reveals new collectables to celebrate Aussie icons

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