Australia PM Says India Travel Ban Offenders ‘Unlikely’ To Be Jailed

The Australian Government has returned to a previous statement saying that travelers from India attacked by COVID-19 are “very unlikely” to face imprisonment and the highest fines.

The government announced last week that it would ban all travelers from India until May 15, including the return of Australian citizens, but India is suffering from the worst COVID-19 surge ever. Criminals warn that they may face five years in prison and a fine of A $ 66,000.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison faces opposition from lawmakers and Indian Australians on what appears to be a “nasty” move to abandon Australians abroad on Tuesday, and the government imposes these biggest penalties on anyone Said it would be.

“I don’t think it’s fair to suggest that these penalties are likely to be placed everywhere in the most extreme way.” Morrison told Channel Nine..

However, Morrison has revealed that the restrictions are aimed at keeping Australia safe from the COVID-19 surge. The country managed to curb the spread of the virus, recording only 29,841 cases and 910 deaths. May 3.. This is very different from India’s severe COVID-19 crisis.

“This is a way to prevent the virus from recurring,” Morrison said of the limitation. He said the rule would be used “responsibly and proportionally” to keep the country safe from viruses and to relieve pressure from the health sector.

Morrison has faced a number of backlashes since the announcement of the travel ban. #DictatorScott was popular on Twitter as a call for the government to help repatriate citizens filled with social media.

“We should help Australians in India return home rather than imprison them. Let’s fix the quarantine system instead of stalling our fellow Australians,” he said.

India has recorded more than 300,000 cases daily for the past 10 days. We posted 368,147 cases within 24 hours on Monday. The total number of deaths from COVID-19 is 218,959. Al Jazeera report.

Australia PM Says India Travel Ban Offenders ‘Unlikely’ To Be Jailed Source link Australia PM Says India Travel Ban Offenders ‘Unlikely’ To Be Jailed

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