Australia is ‘leading the world’ in space junk elimination

According to ANU cosmologist and astrophysicist Dr. Brad Tucker, there are up to 2 million space debris scattered in the atmosphere, some of which “have been there for hundreds of years,” many of which are in orbit. Is off. “It’s been there for hundreds of years, but now it’s coming down almost every day, ranging from the size of the paint flakes to, in this case, the entire 20-ton rocket booster.” He told Sky News. “In the end, many of them will come back. Currently, there are about 300,000 pieces larger than 15 centimeters, because they can be tracked by the U.S. Air Force radar, at least to know where they are. , 15 centimeters are important. “Dr. Tucker said that when one part of space debris collides with another, the breakage of large pieces can” cause a cascade effect “that creates smaller and smaller pieces. Said. There are 1 to 2 million small debris in outer space that are estimated to be “all dangerous” due to their speed of movement, and Australia has and is the only one to do so It is a country. “We actually have a laser system that can track objects a few centimeters and thousands of kilometers above Earth and start to go out of orbit.”

Place of originAustralia is ‘leading the world’ in space junk elimination

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