Ashley Judd ‘had no pulse’ in broken leg after rescue from DR Congo while visiting life partner

Ashley Judd revealed details about the 55-hour trial in the African jungle, including the horrifying text his father received.

Ashley Judd gave more insight into her tragic ordeal after breaking her leg in four places in the African jungle.

The 52-year-old actress later smashed her legs Stumbling on a fallen tree in a remote area of ​​the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) 2 weeks ago.

The· Rescue work to take her to the ICU unit It took 55 hours in South Africa.

Using Instagram yesterday, Judd revealed that he had returned to the United States after further elaborating on the nightmare situation.

She finally arrived at a hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa, in a “terrible shape” and said her legs were “no pulse.” She also added that the hospital went out of control with the COVIDB.1.351 stock, which is currently plagued South Africa.

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“Blood transfusions were absolutely necessary. Their sisters (nurses) were exemplary and technically top notch, and they cared for the trauma of my body and my soul with equal abilities,” Judd said. Is writing.

Judd also revealed the horrifying text that her father, Michael Chiminella, received when he was injured.

“My beloved father, who received the text” Emergency, can’t answer questions, come now “that parents didn’t want, was vaccinated and was able to come to South Africa. “Jud writes. “He is my rock, my companion, my resource, and has helped me listen to so many doctors, important support systems, and kind and affectionate beings that make me cry and cry. It was. “

Judd and her father then returned to the United States on a total of 22 hours of four flights, including an ambulance at one point, so that the star could undergo eight hours of surgery.

“In American hospitals, I had to keep waiting for tissue damage and swelling to relieve. Eventually I repaired bones, decompressed bleeding nerves, and bone debris from nerves. I was eligible for eight hours of surgery to remove the bone. I am now recovering from surgery, “Jud added.

Media coverage Double crisis The actress travels to Congo about twice a year because her “life partner” runs a research camp in Congo, but details about her relationship are currently unknown.

Judd had previously been married to British racing driver Dario Franchitti for over a decade from 2001 to 2013.

She also had a relationship with Matthew McConaughey and Robert De Niro at some point.

Talk toNew York TimesThrough last week’s Instagram Live, Judd thanked the rescue team for supporting her through trials. Her interviewer said she may have lost her leg.

She said she had endured “five hours lying on the forest floor” before she could evacuate.

Ashley Judd ‘had no pulse’ in broken leg after rescue from DR Congo while visiting life partner Source link Ashley Judd ‘had no pulse’ in broken leg after rescue from DR Congo while visiting life partner

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