As election day polls open, a record-breaking 98 million Americans have already voted

Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in the first city in the United States to count election votes.

Democratic candidates won all five votes in the small town of Dickville Notch, New Hampshire, which held the election day late at night. Donald Trump didn’t get a single vote in town.

The town never predicts the final winner, or the choice of New Hampshire. In 2016, Dickville Notch voted for then-Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton lost to Mr. Trump in a vote of the Electoral College.

The nearby town of Millsfield also began voting late at night, where Mr. Trump won 16-5 against Mr. Biden.

Almost 100 million Americans have already voted for the next US president. This is more than two-thirds of the total votes counted in the last presidential election, as the voting booth on the first election day is preparing to open.

According to the US Election Project, record-breaking 98.4 million Americans chose early voting and postal voting this year, with pre-voting in Texas and Hawaii surpassing the total number of votes cast in the 2016 elections.

Nationally, more than 71 percent of the total votes cast in the last presidential election have already been cast.

The total number of early votes is expected to exceed 100 million as President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden rush past the final day of Tuesday’s campaign.

There is no compulsory voting system in the United States, and only 55% of voters could vote in the last presidential election.

“It will definitely increase [on total voter turn-out]David Smith, a senior lecturer at the US Research Center, told SBS News on Tuesday, hours before the voting booth on the first election day opened.

“Early voting seems to have significantly increased turnout from young people, which generally indicates an increase in turnout.”

Dr. Smith said the move to early voting in this election is likely to be part of a global trend seen in Australia, where voters no longer consider the election to be a one-day event. It was. “This will really be a shift to a completely different understanding of what the election really is,” he said.

But John Fortier, director of government research at the Bipartisan Policy Center in Washington, earlier told SBS News that the sheer number of early votes could not lead to record turnout as a whole. ..

Traditionally, high numbers of mail votes do not necessarily increase turnout, according to Fortier, with the same number of people voting differently.

“Does this mean a significant increase over the last time, or did many people vote as a precautionary measure … given the growing pandemic, I don’t know until tomorrow,” Dr. Smith said.

The coronavirus pandemic, which continues to devastate the United States, could be an important driver of the surge in postal voting, as many Americans are trying to avoid further outbreaks.

Last week, the country set a world record for new cases detected in one day, with 99,321 infections reported on Friday local time. To date, more than 231,000 people have died from the virus in 328 million countries.

President Trump repeatedly despised mail voting, falsely claiming it would lead to mass fraud, and demanded disqualification of mail voting arriving after the election date of November 3.

The Trump campaign has a number of statutes to limit the time frame for counting, even though many states allow mail voting after the election date if it is postmarked by the election date. Voting has started.

Mr. Trump is also threatening a lawsuit in Pennsylvania, where early votes cannot be aggregated before the election date until the aggregation is completed on November 3.

“I think it’s terrible to be able to collect ballots after the election, and I think it’s terrible that the state is allowed to collect ballots for a long time after the election,” he said over the weekend. Said.

“We will go to the night with our lawyer as soon as the election is over.”

Republicans have also sought to abolish the “drive-through” voting system in Houston, Texas. This allowed Americans to vote from their cars to protect them from the outbreak of COVID-19.

But on Tuesday, a federal judge in Texas rejected the Republican bid that the practice was illegal and upheld a 127,000 drive-through vote.

Dr. Smith said it depends on the state whether the number of early votes is huge and the time to wait for results is long.

“The count can last for days or weeks,” he said. “Donald Trump has already suggested that he thinks the count of votes cast after November 3rd is somehow not legal.

“It’s a real problem because it can ultimately lead to a constitutional crisis.”

The first booth will open

As of Thursday at 4 pm (AEDT), the first booth to vote on Election Day officially opened.

Dickville Notch, a small community in New Hampshire, is one of the first places in the United States to vote on election days, and has a proud and renowned history of gathering as a community to vote late at night.

The United States does not have a centralized election body like the Australian Election Commission. In other words, each state has different rules about how elections are held.

This means that some states can start counting mail votes before voting ends, while others such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin do not start the process until election date.

SBS will provide live coverage as US elections unfold. Here’s how and when you can make adjustments.

The earliest vote starts at 6 am local time (Tuesday, November 3rd, 10 pm AEDT) and the latest vote ends on Wednesday, November 4th, at 4 pm.

Votes are aggregated Wednesday from 11:00 am (AEDT) to 6:20 pm (AEDT) so you can watch live videos and read live blogs on the SBS News website and app. SBS will stream coverage from its partner ABC World News America, with all the latest analysis and commentary delivered directly from the United States.

Also, when the results are available on SBS News Facebook, we will broadcast the latest news live. twitter And YouTube.

Place of originAs election day polls open, a record-breaking 98 million Americans have already voted

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