Arkansas State Trooper Sued After Pregnant Woman’s Car Flips Over During Pursuit

A woman in Arkansas is suing state police after her car turned over while pursuing a pregnant highway in July 2020. A lawyer representing Janice Nicole Harper filed a proceeding alleging that state police Rodney Dan “performed” the follow-up intervention technique “lazily.” PIT) operation that crashed outside the Jackson Building on July 9th. A video released by Harper’s lawyer shows that the trooper approached the vehicle after capsizing. The proceedings allege that “there was no room to pull the car safely” after Harper was timed by Dan, who was driving at 84 mph in the 70 mph zone. The suit states that Harper slowed down to 60 mph and put on a blinker after Dan turned on the cruiser’s overhead lights, but she couldn’t pull. According to Harper’s lawyer, Dan spotlighted the rear-view mirror and “put the Arkansas police police car on the floor to make it shorter than the length of the car.” “There was no exit or shoulder for the plaintiff to safely exit the freeway before defendant Dan neglected to operate the PIT,” the lawyer said, turning over the pregnant Harper’s vehicle. Arkansas State Police Alan C Johnson, who was Dan’s supervisor, was also nominated in the proceedings along with Arkansas State Police Director William J. Bryant. Credits: Denton And Zachary, PLLC via Storyful

Place of originArkansas State Trooper Sued After Pregnant Woman’s Car Flips Over During Pursuit

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