Are we turning Australian history into Australian mythology?

Cricky Readers on the rise of the military in Australian leadership, the school curriculum, Katie Hopkins’ worries, and other hot topics.

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Cricky’s readers were torn by a proposed school curriculum aimed at including a higher level of diversity (honest or “awakened” ideology), and Katie Hopkins was torn by both Big Brother and the country. He also commented on getting boots from.

Margaret Donald writes: Thank you, Kishor. But of course it has been happening for years. Note our governor-(I think) the governor since Tony Abbott. It’s very scary. And what about ads to get vaccinated, even if no one wants to get vaccinated? (Standard: blame the victim, not the perpetrator-here blame the general public, not the government). Lots of smoke and mirrors (which cost a lot of money) to remove heat from where it actually belongs.

Colin McCormac writes: The problem with the army (I’m a former sergeant) is that it’s expected to follow. No matter how stupid a command, you never doubt it. You just jump and obey. Military leaders are trained to attack or defend in war. That is their job. They are not accustomed to dealing with private sectors or running private organizations. It is completely wrong to put them in a position that trained civil servants should hold.

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Place of originAre we turning Australian history into Australian mythology?

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