Arauz Planning To Change Ecuador Agreements If Elected

Left-wing presidential candidate Andres Arauz has big plans to divert Ecuador in a final vote with right-wing candidate Guillermo Lasso if elected on Sunday.

36-year-old Alaus renegotiates $ 6.5 billion in debt with the International Monetary Fund, changes drug control agreement with the United States, and tells President Lenin Moreno legally about dealing with the coronavirus reaction in the stricken country I want to take responsibility.

“I’m not going to declare a moratorium on the IMF,” Araus told AFP, despite wanting to renegotiate the IMF agreement.

He called for a slower cut in public spending under a renegotiated arrangement, claiming that the US dollar “must stay in Ecuador for greater economic activity.”

Apart from that, he sought to negotiate with Washington to redraw the agreement on the fight against drug trafficking.

The United States is now able to operate against drug trafficking and illegal fishing in Ecuador’s territory and is also permitted to use airports in the Galapagos Islands.

The world’s top two cocaine producers are neighboring Colombia and Peru, with many of their products passing through Ecuador on their way to Europe or the United States.

Ecuadorian presidential candidate Andres Arauz wants to change relations with the United States in the fight against drug trafficking

“We can’t forget that the United States is the (major) consumer of drugs in the region and on the planet,” Araus said.

“With that in mind, we aim to coordinate our terms of cooperation. We need to work with the United States, Mexico, Central American countries, and neighboring countries.”

Ecuador seized a record 128 tonnes of narcotics in 2020, even though the country itself produces very little.

“Unfortunately, Ecuador is a transit country and is beginning to have an impact on social violence,” Alaus said.

“We will act to eradicate violence, we will work with consuming countries.”

Ecuadorian presidential candidate Andres Araus (C) greets supporters in Quito on April 6, 2021

Ecuadorian presidential candidate Andres Araus (C) greets supporters in Quito on April 6, 2021

Ecuador has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, and Araus did not try to hide the fact that he was blaming Moreno, the enemy of former President Rafael Correa, the political leader of Araus.

Correa, who resigned in 2017, was convicted of corruption and sentenced to eight years in prison, despite being in exile in Belgium.

“The country needs to determine the truth so that there is justice and someone is held liable for negligence in the management of the pandemic,” Alaus said.

“It happens and we leave the courts to do their job,” he added.

“It’s not political revenge. Ecuadorian society demands justice. It’s not a personal matter. I have no personal intention to persecute anyone.”

But one of the problems he doesn’t rush into is the decriminalization of abortion.

“My personal view of abortion is that there should be no penalties or criminalizations, especially for raped girls, but our law still needs to be applied and we discuss this. There is room and moment to do. “

Alaus is the youngest current head of state in Latin America and aims to be the youngest in Ecuador in 40 years.

However, he decided not to brand his political leader Korea’s puppets.

“Former President Correa is the inspiration for Latin America as well as Ecuador. He is the founder of this political project,” Alaus said.

“Based on his experience and the changes that Ecuador has already experienced, we are building a very dynamic and very beneficial relationship for the country.

“But I will rule Ecuador from May 24th.”

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