Anthony Albanese yet to refer Anthony Byrne for misuse of taxpayer dollars

Candid senator Jackie Lambie blamed Anthony Albanese after a Commonwealth Labor Party confessed that he had misused taxpayers’ funds.

Anthony Albanese refused to promise to introduce the embarrassed MP Anthony Burn for an investigation to confirm the misuse of taxpayer funds.

Major crossbenchers have triggered opposition leaders to refer backbencher behavior to the finance department for consideration.

Mr Byrne confessed at a Victorian anti-corruption observer hearing on Monday that he did not use federal funds to go to work and instead hired two employees to carry out faction missions. He also admitted to participating in branch stacking.

Branch stacking is not illegal, but it violates party rules and officially paid staff are not allowed to engage in political party political activities.

However, four days after the explosive revelation was revealed, Albanese has not yet introduced the breach to the department. His office refused to say whether he would take this step.

Talking to NCA NewsWire, candid senator Jacqui Lambie admitted that referrals to the department on this issue were not sufficiently advanced and was the only mechanism available to Albanese for further investigation at the federal level. bottom.

“The Treasury is reviewing something like this like a fairy cotton candy on a stick. When things get sticky, you just flick with a tick. I start and end there. I didn’t, “said Lambi.

“But it’s in the interest of Albanese to turn all the stones over and understand what’s going on here.

“These things have some way back to bite.”

The Victorian Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission is investigating allegations of public fund abuse in state labor.

However, Mr. Vines’ brilliant admission on Monday raised concerns about the use of federal funds to carry out political activities of political parties.

The Treasury can investigate allegations of misappropriation of funds, and Albanese can request an investigation despite protests from his office.

When asked if the agency was already investigating the issue, a spokesman said, “The agency has not commented on individual MPs or their staff.”

It is understood that the government will intervene and not refer to the issue.

South Australian senator Rex Patrick said he was worried that Albanese had not yet mentioned the allegations made at the IBAC.

“If a misuse of public funds occurs in a tentative case, it needs to be properly investigated, regardless of who was allegedly involved in the misuse,” Senator told NCA NewsWire.

“When politicians are involved, referrals for investigation are even more important, because the public has the right to fully trust their representatives.

“If Albanese looks at it differently, I’m worried. In this situation, the decision time he makes a referral should be less than a millisecond.”

Albanese recently frankly stated that the revelation only further emphasized the need for a federal anti-corruption commission.

However, the spokesman declined to comment when asked if he would contact the department to further investigate the evidence presented by Mr. Burn.

Instead, NCA NewsWire referred to the record of a press conference held on Wednesday.

“Look, it’s important that the IBAC process is underway and allowed to take place independently of political interference,” Albanese told reporters in Sydney.

Mr Albanese said Thursday that Mr Burn’s decision on the political future would not be made until the IBAC hearing was completed.

When the allegations of branch office stacking were first revealed in June last year, Albanese supported the takeover of a national branch office in Victoria. He also supported the removal of power broker Adem Somiurek from the party.

A Treasury survey last year revealed that liberal Michael Soccer and Kevin Andrew had been cheated after being accused of misusing taxpayer-funded staff for political purposes. rice field.

Mr. Byrne was contacted for comment, but did not respond. But he told Australians Thursday that he would remain in place until the IBAC reported the findings.

at first Anthony Albanese has not yet introduced Anthony Burn due to taxpayer dollar abuse

Place of originAnthony Albanese yet to refer Anthony Byrne for misuse of taxpayer dollars

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