Animals Australia facing mounting pressure after allegations of ‘soliciting’ animal cruelty

Animal Australia could lose its position as a charity in allegations of paying whistleblowers working on live export vessels to capture footage of animal cruelty. Assistant Treasury Michael Sukkar told Sky News that Animals Australia needs to review the status of charities if the “so miserable” claim is true. An email received by Sky News host Sharri Markson shows that Animals Australia is providing money for “precious” footage of animals suffering. One deck hand was paid $ 2000. This is a far greater wind and rain than the $ 350 per month he normally received for working on a live cattle boat. Ms. Markson said Animals Australia had previously denied paying whistleblowers for images of animal cruelty. “It’s now clear that they promised the poor crew a lot of money to collect footage,” she said. Sukkar said it would be the “worst” situation if the allegations of secret payments “asking for animal cruelty” were true. “Australians would be stunned if these claims that these charitable donations made by Australians made secret payments and resulted in animals being treated in a cruel manner were true.” He said. “There is no doubt that Australian charities and nonprofits take these claims seriously.” It’s hard to imagine how these types of payments could lead to bad results. ”

Place of originAnimals Australia facing mounting pressure after allegations of ‘soliciting’ animal cruelty

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