Americans Can’t Prove Vaccination Status, Making New Masking Guidelines Murky

Many Americans were certainly grateful to hear that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention changed their recommended guidelines for the use of masks this week, but the announcement was made about who was COVID-19 vaccinated. For the first time since the pandemic began, their position to move around freely in public without a mask on their faces.

Announcement of CD Câ ???? Those who have been fully vaccinated with COVID-19 on Thursday will no longer need to be socially distant or wear masks indoors or outdoors, unless the obligations still apply. He said he could resume pre-pandemic activities. This rule did not apply to certain public places or situations, such as when using airports or public transport.

The news was something that many people had Long-awaited, It also opposes the use of masks, how it can prove the status of vaccination in most public places, and can prevent them, claiming that vaccination can simply abandon the mask safely. This led to expressing concern. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do to ensure that everyone who has stopped wearing a mask is truly vaccinated. CBS News.

While states like New York are launching pilots in the form of “vaccine passports.” The Excelsior Pass app doesn’t have a similar system in most states. Like florida, Actually prohibits the use of so-called passports. In addition, the number of counterfeit vaccine cards created by the federal government is increasing, allowing Americans to track vaccination status. This can also be useful for those who want to go without a mask. Even if they are not completely protected from the virus. This raises concerns because many who choose not to be vaccinated yet are unlikely to wear a mask already.

Warnings from the CDC and the World Health Organization still surface a more deadly pandemic surge, which could completely undermine all progress so far, and unvaccinated people who have abandoned the use of masks. There are also concerns that it will make a significant contribution. Danger.

Still, with the changes in the guidelines, some changes are imminent in the public indoor environment.on the other hand Some retailers The final decision on what the masking policy will be has not yet been announced, but others have announced that the use of masks in stores will no longer be necessary.

Wal-Mart and Costco are two retailers who have announced plans to change their policies, and discount chains allow customers to wear masks immediately, except in areas where obligations are still valid by local or state ordinances. Announced that it is possible to quit. Proof of vaccination from the person who came in is required. The Wall Street Journal Wal-Mart reports that it will allow employees to stop using masks from May 18th. Employees need to prove their vaccination status.

Trader Joeâ ???? s also plans to remove the masking requirements for vaccinated customers.


Americans Can’t Prove Vaccination Status, Making New Masking Guidelines Murky Source link Americans Can’t Prove Vaccination Status, Making New Masking Guidelines Murky

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