Amanda Rose: why now is the best time to look for a new job

Permanent job hunting is good for your career – workplace expert Amanda Rose explains.

When should I start looking for another job? The answer is always “now”.

Every week, you need to find a job, even if it’s your ideal job.

The biggest mistake people make is not looking for the next job until there is an unresolved conflict, there is no way up, or they are fed up with their current role.

Any job looks great when you’re starting to hate the job you’re in.

If you’re considering all platforms, your ideal dream job can appear in 6 months or a year and you’re ready to go.

In the meantime, there are also bonuses. I’m practicing my interview skills and updating my resume and LinkedIn.

And you will add value to your life and company as it ensures that the next job you take is what you really want.

Looking for a job elsewhere does not mean that you are dishonest.

With that logic, you stay in the company you are in until you die.

It doesn’t matter, you’re not looking for something better while you’re married – it’s a job.

If there is a better opportunity for you, your family and life, you take it.

You can resign in honor, don’t say bad words about them, and still be considered loyal.

The big bonus of looking for the next job while you are in the job is that when you go to the interview, you can ask for more money and bluffs and try it because of the safety of the job.

You can say “this is what I deserve”, and if they say “no”, you just get back to your job.

Checking your value is a good habit and can be an opportunity to move up or move to another industry.

You can also say to recruiters from other companies, “I’m looking for a role like this in the future, so please let me know if anything happens.”

If you’re worried about returning to your current employer, say “secretly this is my plan.”

Or you can ask your current employer, “Is there a way for me to move forward?” If not, you can say “OK. I’m looking for another job within the next 6 months.”

If your current boss finds you are looking elsewhere, two things can happen: they turn into scary people or they offer salary increases.

When people go to work, they are so worried about others that they don’t see themselves as a product.

You are the one who intends to hit the KPI and you are the commodity.

The employer either pays for what you value or doesn’t.

Amanda Rose is a business consultant, workplace trainer, LinkedIn influencer, and founder of six organizations. She is currently working on SMART Daily career questions every week.

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