Amanda Keller cries on on-air over Sydney lockdown

Amanda Keller held back tears when she spoke in today’s emotional on-air confession about a toll blockage hitting her.

Amanda Keller talked about how she found Sydney’s latest strict blockade in today’s WSFM Johnny and Amanda’s emotional segment.

Broadcasters and television presenters repeatedly held back tears asking for an answer as to when the current Covid blockade would end.

“It was hard yesterday … Someone in Melbourne said that week 5 was the hardest. I think that’s what we’re doing now – week 4, week 5?” Keller It began.

She said she “shedding” at a press conference in New South Wales yesterday and announced 110 new cases (today’s numbers are even worse, 124 new cases).

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“It feels daunting to talk about it now … I could feel the difference in energy at yesterday’s press conference. People are scared. People are frustrated. 80 It is said that we will only get out of this when we are vaccinated against% – when is it happening? It’s not immediate, “she said.

“Our Prime Minister says,” We are confident that we will come out. ” When? What if I don’t? what is that? “

Keller became more emotional when he explained the sacrifice the blockade had made to her two sons.

“That’s what I was weeping yesterday. I was thinking about everyone’s mental health … this is hard. I have a 20 year old son. I traveled to him and all my kids for a year. I want you to go. Where is the Contiki for our kids! I have a son in the 12th year. He told me yesterday “Have you had the last day of school?” It was. She broke her voice and revealed.

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“I’m an optimistic person, but (but) I just feel, where is the end? And, in contrast to last year, why people are angry at this time, why are we this Are you in a position? “

Keller called the situation “emotional and mentally difficult” when her co-host Brendan “Johnny” Jones tried to comfort her.

“No one has an answer, and that’s why it’s so difficult. Watch out for your neighbors, watch out for your friends, because everyone is having a hard time,” she concludes. ..

From Wednesday 24 hours to 8 pm, 124 new cases of locally acquired coronavirus were recorded. Gladys Berejikrian’s Warning The number of people infected in the community before they were detected remained anxious.

Greater Sydney is set to end its blockade on July 31, but it seems less likely to happen.

Amanda Keller cries on on-air over Sydney lockdown Source link Amanda Keller cries on on-air over Sydney lockdown

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