Alarm In Greece Over Far-left Hitman On Hunger Strike

In Greece, there was growing concern about the deterioration of the health of a prominent far-left hitman whose life was at stake after a long hunger strike in prison.

Dimitris Coufodinas, a former assassin of a radical group on November 17, who died, was admitted to a hospital in Lamia, Central Greece, in severe condition on Monday after refusing to eat for 48 days.

His wife, Angeliki Sotiropourou, told AFP Thursday that the 63-year-old is currently in a “crisis” and “borderline coma” after refusing to force feeding.

Koufodinas is seeking a transfer from a secure prison in Domokos, central Greece, to the Korydallos prison in Athens, near his family.

Dimitris Coufodinas’ autobiography “Born November 17” sold thousands of copies

The Greek branch of Amnesty International also recently pointed out that Domokos is heavily overpopulated.

“In Europe today, it is unprecedented for prisoners to die or do irreparable harm in search of transfer to another prison,” his lawyer Ioanna Kourtovik told AFP.

She said it was “arbitrary and punitive” that authorities refused to meet his demands.

Hundreds of lawyers and intellectuals have signed a petition asking the judiciary to respect Koufodinas’ rights.

Koufodinas offers multiple life imprisonments

Koufodinas offers multiple life imprisonments
Police handout

A union of Greek judges and justices of the peace participated in the call on Wednesday, calling on authorities to “reconsider” their position and take “all legal action to protect his life and health.” It was.

Called “poison hand” by the Greek media, Koufodinas was a major hitman of the far-left Greek extremist organization on November 17, which was dismantled in 2002.

He has been convicted of killing 11 people and has been sentenced to multiple life imprisonments.

On November 17, dozens of attacks were launched between 1975 and 2000, killing 23 people.

They included the CIA director of Athens, a prominent Greek businessman, a Turkish diplomat, and a British military attaché.

One of the victims of Koufodinas was Pablos Bakoyanis, the father of the Mayor of Athens, Costas Bakoyanis, and the brother-in-law of Prime Minister Kiriacos Mitsutakis.

On Tuesday, supporters of Koufodinas demonstrated outside the official residence of Greek President Katerina Sakeraloprou and called on her to intervene.

On Thursday, Deputy Environment Minister Jorgos Amiras said an unknown perpetrator had destroyed his office and filled the walls with a message of support for Koufodinas.

Anarchist icon Koufodinas published an autobiography in 2014 that sold thousands of copies to the wrath of the victim’s family.

Alarm In Greece Over Far-left Hitman On Hunger Strike Source link Alarm In Greece Over Far-left Hitman On Hunger Strike

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