Alanis Morissette slams HBO doco Jagged before release

Alanis Morissette is the subject of a frank new HBO documentary, but the star now claims she’s “calm” in a “sneaky” movie.

Famous singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette has focused on the upcoming period of her life as she wrote, recorded and toured to support her 1995 multi-platinum album, Jugged Little Pill. Talk about the inaccuracy of the HBO documentary Jagd.

In a statement released by her spokeswoman ( LA Times), Morissette bashed the final product, despite sitting voluntarily for hours in a movie interview.

Upcoming rock documents show the growing fame of singers in their early twenties leading up to the release of her hit album. A small jagged pill. jagged, One of the series Music box The film produced by Bill Simmons and Ringer Films will be premiered today at the Toronto International Film Festival before making its debut at HBO in November this year. Despite initially approving the project, Morissette vowed not to promote the documentation at all throughout the release.

“I settled on a false sense of security, and as soon as I saw the first cut of the movie, their sneaky agenda became apparent,” Morissette said in her statement. “This was when I learned that our vision was actually painfully divergent. This wasn’t what I agreed to say.”

According to the story, Morissette agreed to join Alison Klayman’s document, which he understands to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the album’s release. But when she was interviewed, things started to change. A spokeswoman wrote that the interview took place “at a very vulnerable time” in the midst of her “third postpartum depression during the blockade.”

“I’m sitting here now and experiencing the full impact of trusting someone who doesn’t guarantee trust,” Morissette continued. “Unlike many” stories “and unauthorized biographies that have been there for years, this contains implications and facts that are simply not true. This / my story certainly has some elements of beauty and accuracy, but in the end I’m against a story with subtle nuances that no one else can understand or tell. Does not support a reductive view. “

Neither Morissette nor her spokeswoman revealed in the documentation what the meaning and facts were. The film will touch on the history of Morissette’s sexual abuse. Before discussing the subject of the film, Morissette tells Clayman, “I’ll never talk about this, so I’ll need help.”

Bill Simmons, who turned from a former ESPN columnist to a podcast mogul, feels clearly different about the finished product.He said in a July interview about the reputable Woodstock ’99 document created by his Spotify-owned company. deadline “I think it’s a great story. A kid from Canada is exploding … I saw [it] With her daughter, she listened to Alanis music three weeks later. “

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Alanis Morissette slams HBO doco Jagged before release Source link Alanis Morissette slams HBO doco Jagged before release

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