Ailing Man Ends Up Getting More Than Words Of Encouragement from Coach K

Health is of utmost concern these days, and this is not limited to COVID-19 related issues.

Some people are receiving delicate medical procedures, which is why they are still alive today.

This is the case with a man named Jordan Hardy who has managed to live a good life since receiving a heart transplant 15 years ago. He was religiously able to follow medical orders and continue his normal life.

But last month, when Hardy’s health began to decline, everything changed. Due to the pandemic, it was immediately speculated to be related to COVID-19.

Doctors told Hardy that his deterioration was not due to COVID-19, but to his weakened heart.The doctors in attendance said they couldn’t do anything about it

“I was really out of breath after doing a lot,” Hardy said. Fox 8.. “I thought I was infected with COVID because it was a coronavirus. I was leaning towards that route. I couldn’t do anything without breathlessness.”

The news was amazing to Hardy and his family. The situation changed and friends visited him to cheer him up.

But a friend who knew Hardy was a lifelong fan of Duke Blue Devils went one step further.

Hardy received the call but didn’t know who was on the other line. When he heard the man speak, he knew it was none other than Duke Blue Devils’ legendary coach Mike Krzyzewski.

“I couldn’t give up at that time,” Hardy said. “He told me he was fighting and praying for me. I had to do it for him too. He is one of the best coaches ever.”

The call from Krzyzewski brought new hope not only to Hardy but also to his family. He also got some additional help when a Duke University doctor followed up to check his condition.

Therefore, Hardy gained a new lifeline by a Duke University doctor reviewing his medical records. They are now trying to understand how he can live longer.

Photo: Justin K. Allah / Getty Images

“My spirit is uplifting, but we must remain equal,” said Sheria Hardy. “We have to see what they are saying in Duke, what the plan is, and what they think.”

It all started on the phone, but Hardy has something to look forward to now and could live longer than everything that started on the phone from coach Krzyzewski.

Krzyzewski announced in June that he will retire at the end of the 2021-22 season. USA Today report.

Ailing Man Ends Up Getting More Than Words Of Encouragement from Coach K Source link Ailing Man Ends Up Getting More Than Words Of Encouragement from Coach K

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