AI software growth to fall below current investor projections

According to a new study by Forrester, the overall artificial intelligence software market will grow below $ 150 billion to $ 200 billion, which is currently expected by investors, in the same period, despite swelling to $ 37 billion by 2025. Let’s do it.

Within the AI ​​software market, the growth of AI applications is constrained by technology vendors who frequently incorporate AI capabilities into their existing software products.

Forrester’s new report, “The AI ​​Software Market Will Grow to $ 37 Billion Globally by 2025,” outlines the main reasons for this updated AI software market outlook, excluding hardware and consulting services. ..

From 2023, AI software revenue will be less than 3% of the total application market. AI for business apps will become the norm, and applications incorporating AI-centric AI will become more pervasive throughout the application market.

60% of software buyers expect existing vendors to have AI capabilities. Over time, 60% of software buyers probably expect to receive AI capabilities from existing vendors rather than custom-creating their own applications.

AI-injected applications will no longer be able to maintain the status of premium products. Currently, 10% of vendors offer AI-powered apps at differentiated prices. As vendors add AI capabilities, the ability to charge AI premiums will be lost in competition.

The report also has the greatest potential for growth: the AI ​​maker platform used to create highly customized solutions and the AI ​​facilitator platform used for applications such as computer vision and natural language virtual assistants. It states. Other AI market segments that have the potential to grow include AI-centric applications for specialized medical tasks and AI infusion applications that create differentiated products through added AI capabilities.

Andrew Bartels, Forrester’s VP and Chief Analyst, said: “Although the demand for AI technologies, platforms and applications is high, the proliferation of AI will eventually make technology more common in software development.

“Investors think the AI ​​market is over-defined hyperbolic. They mistakenly loosen the impact of AI software or include categories adjacent to AI software. Business leaders are digital. We will become increasingly dependent on AI as a belief in our transformation strategy. Expect vendors to add AI capabilities at no additional cost. “

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AI software growth to fall below current investor projections Source link AI software growth to fall below current investor projections

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