Aged care residents given incorrect Pfizer vaccine doses ‘show no signs of adverse reaction,’ Greg Hunt says

Health Minister Greg Hunt said the two elderly caregivers did not show any adverse effects after each dose of the Pfizer / Biotechnology coronavirus vaccine higher than the recommended dose in Queensland.

On Tuesday, two patients (88-year-old man and 94-year-old woman) were given the wrong dose of vaccine at the geriatric care facility Brisbane.

Hunt said he worked to ease concerns about Wednesday’s incident, demonstrating the importance of “immediate action” safeguards.

He said nurses intervened after identifying the problem and patient monitoring was underway.

The doctor who administered the wrong dose was evacuated from the vaccination program.

“Neither patient shows any signs of side effects,” Hunt told reporters.

He said the individual practitioner “clearly made a mistake” and administered both doses in succession.

“Side effect data was not a major issue,” said Paul Kelly, chief medical officer, who received high doses in some patients during clinical trials of the vaccine.

He also said they were aware of similar incidents at overseas geriatric care facilities and had minimal side effects.

“It gives us hope, but when we were notified yesterday evening … we took immediate action,” said Professor Kelly.

Hunt said deputy chief medical officer Michael Kidd would review the case and make recommendations.

“All participants can participate in vaccination provisions as long as they are trained, so we will look into what is going on and provide public guidance,” he says. I did.

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Place of originAged care residents given incorrect Pfizer vaccine doses ‘show no signs of adverse reaction,’ Greg Hunt says

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