AFL round 4: Sydney Swans vs Essendon Bombers, Tom Hickey holding the ball, umpiring call

Essendon fans are smoking after Thursday’s dying momentary referee’s decision sparked fierce debate among AFL experts.

The Sydney Swans’ thrilling three-point victory over the Essendon bomber on Thursday night was undermined by a referee controversy in the second half.

Round 4 matches featured fiercely contested arm wrestling Throughout the second half, I set a climax like piercing a nail with SCG.

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When Tom Hicky caught a boundary throw near Essendon’s Defensive 50, Sydney was three points behind, with less than a minute left.

Swans’ Luckman took some steps to find a handball before being tackled by Bombers’ young gun Nick Cox, but the referee believed that Hicky had no prior opportunity. , I proceeded with the ball up.

Some AFL fans complained on social media, arguing that Essendon had run a few meters before being tackled and should have been given a free kick.

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Talk about Fox Footy First crack, AFL reporter Tom Morris insisted:

“It’s fair enough if it’s tackled right away, but he had the opportunity to take it out of the rough, take a few steps and play handball.”

Three-time All-Australia Gerard Healy objected. “I have always thought that you should reward the winner of the ball.

“For me, he’s taken 1.5 steps and is working on it right away. He would have said play-on.”

The great Leigh Montagna of St. Kirda said: I don’t want to reward negative play. “

Essendon coach Ben Rutten told reporters after the match that the incident was not seen.

If a decision was made early in the match, that decision would have been overlooked, but every moment of the thriller’s last aisle is inevitably under close scrutiny.

Anyway, the undefeated swan won four times in a row, pushing their claim as a candidate for the real finals.

Sydney is the fifth team to win the season’s opening four games since 2017. All the other four games will be in qualifying.

Swan enjoys a nine-day break before playing against the GWS Giants at SCG on Saturday, April 17th.

Place of originAFL round 4: Sydney Swans vs Essendon Bombers, Tom Hickey holding the ball, umpiring call

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