AFL grand final 2021: Max Gawn shot at goal, umpire review

AFL fans were crossing their arms after a decisive shot to the goal of Melbourne skipper Max Gown was banned in a controversial manner.

AFL fans were astonished after a clear goal to Melbourne captain Max Gown was delayed, and an important call with the Western Bulldogs was not reviewed at the Grand Final on Saturday.

Starrackman, who scored five goals in the final qualifying win of the Demon’s, dreamed of a chance when he marked about 50 meters away from the border in the first quarter.

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Ghosn’s set shot sailed high, appeared on the ground and on television, and sneaked into the correct goal post for the goal.

However, the goal umpire, who was in the best position to stand just behind the goal post and make a decision, immediately moved back.

The inspirational Devil’s Skipper was surprised at the call, thinking he had achieved a miraculous goal, raising his arms by shrugging his embarrassed shoulders.

Fans and former AFL players were shocked that no goals had been scored and no lineball call was sent for review by the AFL Review Center (ARC).

“I thought it passed, and so did Maxi,” Hawthorne’s great Luke Hodge said in a Channel 7 commentary.

“From that angle, the referee looks like he was in perfect position. He called it. Maxi was shocked.”

A fresh camera angle of the kick from a fan sitting high on the stand just behind the goal post in question added to the theory was scored.

The vision appears to indicate that the ball is passing just inside the post, suggesting that the goal should have been called.

Former Melbourne player Tommy Bug was unbelievable. Ghosn’s shot at the goal was not reviewed.

“I’m still shocked by the goalless goal call,” he tweeted. “Isn’t that why we have a review system?”

Andrew McCormack, a sports reporter for Channel 7, said: Absolute shocker. “

Former GWS Giants media manager Lee Mei Rick added:

at first “Absolute Shocker”: Fans Condemn Max Gown’s Goal Score at AFL Grand Final

Place of originAFL grand final 2021: Max Gawn shot at goal, umpire review

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