Afghan Personnel Marry in Indiana After Family’s Evacuation

Two Afghans from the U.S. military, whose wedding plans went astray due to Tullivan’s takeover of their country, said they were in Camp Atterbury, Indiana, on October 9, after their families had successfully evacuated to the United States, officials said. Married. The video of the ceremony shows a pair of Camp Atterberry Chapels and many attendees, built in 1942, the same year the camp was founded. According to local reports, at least 6,600 evacuees had been evacuated to the camp before resettlement. Colonel Camp Atterbury’s camp commander Michael Grundman told the media on October 14 that their goal was “to provide Afghan guests with the safest shelter possible. Credit: US Army via Storyful

Place of originAfghan Personnel Marry in Indiana After Family’s Evacuation

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