Abraham Sinai: Wife of alleged Happy Cup Cafe murder mastermind changes story

The court heard that the man’s wife, who allegedly organized the Happy Cup Cafe murder, returned to serious evidence.

The mastermind, who was accused of having a lawyer executed during the day outside a cafe in western Sydney, should be acquitted after his wife withdrew an important allegation, his lawyer told the court.

Abraham Sinai is on trial for murder in the New South Wales Supreme Court and was shot three times in January 2018 at the Happy Cup Cafe in Bankstown when he had a cup of tea with a friend. Denied involvement.

It’s undisputed that gunman Arthur Kelecorio used a .45 caliber gun to deliver a deadly shot volley to Mr. Redin, but Mr. Sinai decided to organize a serious and bloody shot. I pleaded not guilty.

In closing arguments on Tuesday, Mr. Sinai’s barrister Mark Tedeschi could not prove his claim to the jury because he was unable to place the client in the gray Nissan van used as an escape vehicle. He said.

Sinai’s wife, Analosa a Keni, said in previous evidence before Judge Robert Frum that Sinai was in the Nissan Elgrand.

But when she came to submit evidence in front of the jury, she said she and Sinai’s sister were the only ones at Nissan and agreed to give Kelecorio a lift after encountering their car. It contradicted that claim.

Tedeschi told the jury that he didn’t know the moment he shot down Redin when Ah Kenni allowed him to get into Kelecorio’s car.

CCTV, played by a jury, showed that Kelecorio, who had pleaded guilty to murder, shot and killed Mr. Redin in a busy shopping district before escaping through backstreets and paths.

Prosecutors alleged that Sinai, along with his wife and sister, met Kelecorio in a gray Nissan van in a parking lot on the East Terrace of Bankstown.

Ah, Keni was forced to deny that she had deliberately lied when she showed evidence that Mr Sinai was on the run.

“I didn’t mean to lie,” the court heard she said during her testimony.

“Everything has happened in the last few weeks and I’ve been very stressed by everything.

“The day they asked me, I wasn’t in my mind.”

Ah Keni went on to tell the jury when she learned what Kelekolio had done, she said she was “scary” and fled Australia to New Zealand two days later.

Mr Tedeschi said Oh Keni admitted that he wanted to escape the police and judicial system.

When asked what she was worried about, she said, “I didn’t know anything about the problem I had with myself.”

Tedeschi claimed that A Keni initially lied about Sinai being in the car to protect himself.

He claimed that she reduced her own role in the case by claiming that he was there that day.

“The incentive is to minimize her own role and move it to Abraham,” Tedeschi said.

The court heard that Mr Sinai and Mr Kelecorio knew each other through their work.

Tedeschi said Kelecorio had visited Mr Sinai’s house, and that was the way he knew his wife.

He went on to insist that he explained why he started asking her for a lift when he crossed her car in the parking lot.

The crown claims that Mr. Redin was killed in a financial conflict involving a man named “Kai.”

The court had previously heard that Mr Redin claimed that Kai had borrowed money from one of his customers, Tringuyen.

The prosecution claimed that Mr. Sinai worked for Kai as a debt collector and executor and organized Mr. Redin’s execution on his behalf.

The jury will retire on Wednesday to review the verdict.

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